Take your ceremony program to the next level with these creative add-ons.
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Traditionally, ceremony programs have a few key components: the date and location of the wedding, the order of events, and information about the bridal party. Some couples also include ceremony readings, explanations of religious services, and a full wedding-day itinerary. But nobody says you can't think outside the box! Check out these 10 fun ideas for the ceremony program, then get inspired to brainstorm your own creative add-ons.

Your Love Story

Alicia Fritz, the founder of A Day in May Events, suggests outlining your relationship in the program. You can share your "how we met" story, describe the romantic proposal, or give a condensed timeline of the entire courtship. Chances are, most guests don't know these intimate details, and reading about your history will help them feel more connected to you before the ceremony.

Fun Facts

Alternatively, couples can include a list of fun facts about themselves. Compile tidbits of information from all stages in your relationship-anything from your favorite vacation destination to your most embarrassing moment together is fair game. Not only will the facts keep guests entertained, they'll also serve as conversation starters!

Your New Address

Are you moving in with your fiancé after the big day? Fritz says to include your new address in the program. That way, guests can send birthday wishes, holiday cards, and last-minute wedding gifts without asking for your house number.

Your Vows

Vows are arguably the highlight of your wedding reception-but if you're tying the knot outdoors or in a large event space, guests may strain to hear the sentimental sayings. As a solution, Fritz suggests printing your vows in your wedding program.

Crossword Puzzles or Word Searches

Most guests will arrive between 20 and 30 minutes before the ceremony's scheduled start time. Banish their boredom by adding a crossword or word search to the ceremony program. You can even choose words related to the celebration, such as your last names, the venue location, or common wedding terminology ("bride," "groom," "cake," "tuxedo," etc.)

Trivia Games

Another activity for the ceremony program is a wedding-related trivia game. Brainstorm a list of fun questions about the bride and groom-for example, "where did the couple meet?" and "what TV show is the couple obsessed with?" Guests can discuss the questions amongst themselves, then check their work with an answer key in the back of the program.

Song List

"How many times have you heard a song performed at a ceremony and wanted to look it up, but you knew holding your phone during the service wouldn't be appropriate?" says Fritz. She suggests incorporating a list of songs in your ceremony program so guests won't feel the urge to search them straight away.

Wedding Hashtag

Nowadays, many couples create a wedding hashtag for their big day. Encourage guests to use the social media accessory by printing it in the ceremony program! When you log onto Instagram after the reception, you'll be greeted with sweet photos of your processional, vows, ring exchange, and first kiss.

A Memorial

If a loved one passed away before the wedding, consider crafting a few words in remembrance of them. This is a significant, sentimental way to honor departed friends and family members on one of the most important days of your life.

Thank-You Notes

Attending a wedding is a huge time and money commitment for guests. Show appreciation by printing a thank-you note in the ceremony program. You can also give individual dedications to those who played a major role in the festivities, such as your planner, parents, and wedding party members.


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