You won't need alcohol to have fun with these ideas.

By Ellie Finn
June 26, 2018

Maybe your crew isn't the drinking kind. Perhaps a few of the 'maids want to party but are pregnant. While social media may have you believe that it's impossible to have a bachelorette party without Champagne and cocktails, that's far from the truth. In fact, some of the most interesting and memorable options don't require a single sip of bubbly. If you're racking your brain for some fun, festive, and alcohol-free activities, read on for a few ideas courtesy of Mabel Rodriguez of House of Travel. Her three top itineraries just might kickstart your planning.

Foodie Tour

Go highbrow and do all Michelin rated tasting menus, or pick one thing and stick to it. A pizza tour in New York City? A food truck crawl in Austin? Use the bride's favorite food as inspiration and let your appetite guide the way. With a packed schedule, you'll all be so stuffed, you wouldn't have room for alcohol anyway.

Challenge Weekend

If your crew is a competitive one, lean into it and create a challenge weekend. Divide the bridal party in half and create a weekend of competitions. Organize a scavenger hunt, go to an escape room and see who makes it out the fastest, or revert back to childhood and compete in a good ol' fashioned game of laser tag. Just make sure there's a trophy, or something else worth winning, at the end of the weekend.

Wellness Retreat

It may be the polar opposite of a traditional bach party, but your girls will be excited about a weekend at a wellness treat. Instead of returning ragged and tired, you can come back rested, glowing, and ready for the big day. There are plenty of resorts that cater to this very activity, and you can look forward to eating delicious, clean food prepared by a personal chef, taking yoga classes, and hitting the spa.


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