Everlasting love is real, and we have proof!
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The Best Husband Award goes to Wang Lijin, A 95-year-old man from China, who put together a photo shoot with his wife of 64 years for their wedding anniversary. Wang met Huang Caozhen back in 1952 when he hired her, a seamstress, to make a suit for him, and the rest is history. In fact, all of the suits he wore in the photo shoot were hand-sewn over the years by his seamstress wife.

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The photos were obviously too cute to stay under-the-radar for too long, and the couple has gone viral overnight thanks to their adorable love story.

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Mashable even reports that the photos have been used on billboards in shopping malls in the province where the couple lives.

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In the photo shoot, the couple poses together, doing all the activities they love, like cooking, playing table tennis, reading, and standing outside a basketball court, looking ready to go shoot some hoops.

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In a speech Wang gave at a family event, he teared up, thanking his "wife, mother of their children and grandmother of their grandchild" for all the happy and loving years they have shared together.

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