It's no secret that things go wrong at weddings—no matter how awesome a planner you are (or hired!). But when things do start to go awry, remember that plenty of would-be problems do get solved on the spot, or don't end up being quite the disaster you were dreading. Here, brides (and one groom!) spill on their day-of disasters.

1. A tropical storm forced our wedding indoors, and the power went out. Staff made multiple gas-station runs to top up the generator powering the music, and the caterer "borrowed" local restaurant kitchens to prep the main course. I did wonder what was taking so long after the salad, but otherwise had no idea what went on behind the scenes to keep the party on track!- Jennifer, Mamaroneck, NY

2. Instead of his tux, my father-in-law packed a suit my fiancé wore when he was a teenager! Needless to say, we were in a panic right before photos. My brother called a few friends who lived close enough to the venue, and thankfully one of them was able to drop off his own tux. It didn't close, but at least my FIL wasn't wearing sweatpants!-Laura, New York, NY

4. Just before walking down the aisle with a pillow and fake wedding bands, my 2.5-year-old nephew decided his mom's camera was much more fun to carry. My sister-in-law had to let him carry the camera around his wrist and lead him down the aisle … didn't work out exactly as envisioned, but he was so cute, it didn't matter!-Leah, New York, NY

5. My hair stylist's curling iron broke! She used my curlers instead, but when she took them out, my hair looked anything but bridal. So she blew my hair out again and manually curled using a flat iron. It worked out, but I was definitely late for photos.-Debora, Brooklyn, NY

6. Our chuppah, an elaborate standalone affair made of four birch trunks and lots of flowers and foliage, collapsed during the rehearsal-two hours before the ceremony. No one was hurt, and our florist was still onsite, so he kicked everyone out and rebuilt. He was not happy, but I was! Take two was breathtaking!-Jenny, Cleveland, OH

7. I did my grandiose bridal reveal on a staircase in our hotel … and totally fell down the last 3 stairs as I was wearing 6-inch heels. Nothing twisted, nothing broke, I didn't even hit the ground. Saved by the banister! It was pretty funny, and the photos are priceless.-Meghan, Columbus, OH

8. Our rabbi was running late, and we were concerned he wouldn't make it for the ceremony. We started troubleshooting and realized we had a guest who was also a rabbi … we were just about to recruit him as a last-minute officiant, when ours turned up!-Thane, San Carlos, CA

10. When our New Jersey venue lost power to Hurricane Sandy, we relocated our entire event-including some of our vendors, my dress (locked inside a Macy's), and all of our guests who had already flown in (gas shortage notwithstanding!)-to a venue in Virginia close to where my husband's family lives. Our new wedding, planned in about 48 hours, was the wedding of our dreams. Everyone had overcome a natural disaster to be there, and the love in that room was just amazing.-Debra, Washington, DC


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