She's been your partner in crime since The Spice Girls ruled the Billboard charts and raisin-colored lipstick reigned supreme. Your adventures were epic, and it was always the two of you taking on the world together one pair of too-tight jeans at a time. Through the good, the bad, the ugly, if all else failed you'd share a house together in Boca Del Vista Golden Girls style. But then, something happened: your best friend got married, and while you couldn't be happier for her (because you're not that kind of person) the following have become the new norm.

Your phone calls are now conference calls with her husband on the line thanks to speakerphone.

And suddenly, without an ounce of shame, you find yourself telling him about your latest dating debacle-kissing and telling it all. If you stop to think about it for one second, the cringe factor could overcome you, so you instead embrace this new ear to listen (um, hello dude's perspective!).

You find yourself having to brave the big bad world of the bar scene with "new" friends.

Sadly, they aren't versed in your secret girl code (tuck hair behind hair once if you like him, twice if a save is in order, thrice if it's a stage-five-clinger situation). Where's your steadfast wing woman when you need her?

Suddenly you feel like there's some secret marriage club that everyone else is a member of and you never got the memo.

At no time ever in life did you think you would be the last single girl standing. But here's the good news: Your bridesmaid quota has officially been filled, forever. Praise!

She starts giving you dating advice.

A long, long time ago, way back in 2013, she was exactly where you are, but now suddenly she's the one telling you how to meet people, which just feels all sorts of weird. Weren't you in this together?

Get your Spanx in order, there's a whole new dating pool at your disposal.

The hubs has friends, and coworkers, and second cousins, and up until this point you and your bestie have both only known all the same people. This is like a complete do-over of your dating life (see it's not all that bad!).

She's changed-in a good way.

While you secretly (or not-so-secretly) miss her as your single BFF, the one you took all of your vacations with who forced you on the dance floor to the point of actually enjoying yourself, somehow, thanks to him, she's become an even better version of herself.

Your faith in love has been restored (somewhat).

Since, if it could happen for her, it could happen for you, too. And seeing her so happy inspires you every day. (Sniff, sniff!)


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