20 Wedding Bouquet Wraps We Love

bouquet wraps ribbon green flowers
Photo: Jose Villa

Hold your personal floral arrangement together with macramé, ribbons, leather, and more.

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bouquet wraps ribbon green flowers
Jose Villa

Your wedding bouquet is an integral part of your wedding-day look. There are so many choices that go into bringing your personal floral arrangement to life, from the types of blooms to an overall shape. There's one more detail, however, that you likely haven't yet considered: your bouquet wrap. Once you and your florist choose that perfect balance of blooms and greens, you'll need to decide on a bouquet wrap that will hold it all together.

You don't always have to go with a clear option (unless you want your stems to do the talking!). Consider the following brides, for example, who all chose unique iterations of this particular finishing touch. The best part? There's no right or wrong bouquet wrap type—which means you can let your wedding style inform your choice. If you're planning a rustic fête in the countryside, opt for twine and leather. Getting hitched in a romantic garden? A trailing ribbon accent is your bouquet's ultimate match.

Of course, your wedding style doesn't have to be the only overarching theme to inform your choice. Feel free to match your bouquet wrap to another piece of décor. If you're obsessed with your macramé ceremony backdrop, a woven clutch holder might be the right fit—while simultaneously tying your bridal bouquet back into the scheme of your service. Searching for something super-simple? An all-white ribbon wrap (seen here on a Sharla Flock Designs bouquet!) will forever be classic.

Whichever type you choose, there's surely a bouquet wrap here that'll fit your big day aesthetic. Click through for major wedding bouquet wrap inspiration.

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bouquet wraps ribbon bride flowers
Fiorello Photography

Looking for a way to connect your bouquet to your wedding dress? Ask for an extra swatch of fabric during an early fitting and transform it into a pretty wrap, like this bride (she carried a By Edem arrangement down the aisle!).

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Copper Tones

bouquet wraps ribbon flowers rustic platter
Katie Jane Photography

We love how this copper ribbon wrap matches the fiery viburnum used throughout this fall-inspired Johnstone Floral Works bouquet.

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Hibiscus Pink

bouquet wraps pink ribbon flowers
Christine Doneé

Want to make one particular flower in your bouquet the focal point? Tie the entire arrangement together with a silk ribbon that matches that bloom's hue. Forage Florals did just that with this pink beribboned bunch, which enhanced its single hibiscus. Another incredible feature? The super-subtle monogram.

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bouquet wraps couple flowers
Tiarra Sorte

A ribbed piece of cloth adds texture and modernity to just about any bouquet style. This contemporary clutch was created by Teressa Johnson.

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Bright White

bouquet wraps bright flowers white ribbon
Fondly Forever Photography

You can't go wrong with a classic white ribbon wrap, which helps the brightest-possible shades (like this Hello Gem bouquet's orange kumquats and mums) stand out.

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bouquet wraps flowers crochet
Elizabeth Wells Photography

Bohemian brides, this bouquet wrap is for you. A woven macramé holder brought this bride's boho-chic look (off-the-shoulder lace wedding dress, eccentric rings, Floriography florals, and all!) together.

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Rustic Twine

bouquet wraps flowers twine resting against window
Katelyn Cantu

Now here's a bouquet wrap that you can DIY on the morning of your wedding. Simply take half a spool of twine and wrap it around your long-stemmed bouquet, as seen on this arrangement—it was prepared by the mother of the groom!

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One Loop

bouquet wraps flowers ribbon roses chair
Fondly Forever Photography

A bouquet wrap doesn't have to the defining part of your clutch—a small loop of ribbon looks clean but won't take any attention away from your florals. That's a good thing, too, when your bouquet is as epic as this beauty by Hello Gem.

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bouquet wraps flowers chair pastels
Anna Shackleford

A cognac patent leather bouquet wrap brings mid-century modern vibes, as evidenced by this The Conservatorie display.

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bouquet wraps flowers lace bride
Charlotte Jenks Lewis

Searching for an idea for your "something old?" A strip of lace from your grandmother's wedding dress (plus a favorite family brooch!) works perfectly as a floral wrap and fits the bill. Use this Steven Bruce Design arrangement as your guide when you're recreating the look.

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bouquet wraps flowers orange pink

Held together with a double-sided pearl pin, a champagne-hued bouquet ribbon (seen here on an Of The Flowers bouquet!) looks simultaneously curated and earthy.

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bouquet wraps flowers red cart sequins
Austin Gros

Throwing a glitz and glam-themed event? A string of sequins is the bouquet wrap that your bridal arrangement needs. This beauty was created by A Village of Flowers.

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bouquet wraps flowers red black ribbon
Ana Lui Photography

Don't be afraid to add a bit of black to your wrap. This Flowers Ibiza bouquet proves that an inky ribbon is capable of enhancing those deeper, richer tones (like dark red ranunculus!).

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washington dc wedding bridal bouquet
Kate Headley

Honor a late loved one by attaching a small photo of them onto a trailing bouquet wrap—this way, you'll have them with you (and close to your heart!) on your walk down the aisle.

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Blue Velvet

wedding bouquet in chair
Theo Milo Photography

Make a summery-hued bouquet wrap—like this sky-blue ribbon, which held a Meristem Floral arrangement together—fall-ready by choosing a velvet texture.

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bride and groom with bouquet
O'Malley Photographers

An elongated cuff wrap, like this bride's, can be customized to hide all of your stems.

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Seed Packets

wedding bouquet
Justin + Mary

Getting hitched on an orchard or on a farm? Pay homage to your wedding venue by wrapping the base of your bouquet (this one was created by Hana Floral Design) with seed packets.

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andromeda bouquets laura murray
Laura Murray Photography

We love how this ribbon's stripes match the bright pinks seen throughout this andromeda-centric Bare Root Flora Bouquet.

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Elevated Simple

white bouquet
Audra Wrisley Photography

Calla lilies are a wedding day classic—and they work beautifully alone as the sole flower in a bridal bunch. If you're looking to introduce a little sparkle into a similarly simple arrangement, make like this bride, who jazzed up her uniform Victoria Clausen Floral Events bouquet with a silver wrap and diamond starburst brooch.

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