These tips that will help you select an outfit without driving her parents crazy.

By Alyssa Brown
February 07, 2018
wedding flower girl
Credit: Tec Petaja

Flower girls are easily the most precious members of any bridal party. Traditionally, their outfits mimic or complement the bride's attire, though it's become common for these little attendants to wear something that goes with the overall color scheme or theme of the wedding. Although the parents of the flower girl will have the ultimate say in what she wears, you should be involved in the dress selection. The following tips will help ensure you're in on the decision without driving her parents crazy.

Be budget conscious.

The number one rule of choosing wedding attire is to be realistic about the budget. Your flower girl's parents will be paying for this outfit and you can be almost certain she won't have an opportunity to wear the dress again. Be candid with her mom and dad about what they're happy to spend so you can make suggestions that work for them.

Tread lightly.

Maybe you've created a mood board with 20 possible dresses for the flower girl to choose from. Good effort! Now work backward and edit, edit, edit. It's not necessary to send so many ideas to the parents and it could likely cause them quite a bit of confusion and stress. If you have a specific style you'd like the flower girl to wear, try to send three to five options and explain what it is you like about each.

Describe your wedding dress and theme.

Since the flower girl's attire should complement the overall wedding aesthetic, it's helpful to give her parents a debrief of what you'll be wearing, what the wedding party will wear, and what the décor will be like.

Be practical.

Think about how your flower girl will be getting down the aisle when you're discussing what she should wear. If she'll be walking on her own and she's a toddler, it's probably a bad idea to have her dressed in a full-length gown.

Remember she may grow.

While you may be anxious to sort out the flower girl's attire well in advance of the wedding, it's important to remember that this growing child may not wear the same size clothing months from now. You should aim to purchase her attire two or three months before the big day.


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