An Easy DIY: Glam Gold Place Cards

From cooking to clothes, we all have secret weapons that make a big impact. (Think your go-to little black dress!) When it comes to DIY and crafts, we're lucky enough to have two secret weapons—gold leaf and the Martha Stewart Crafts Glue Pen. Here, David Stark brings them together to create one gorgeously gilded place card.

DIY Gold Leaf Place Card Final

We have long been on the hunt for that ideal gold pen or paint marker that really delivers the glitz. Although some come close, nothing has managed to match the sheer shine and brilliance of gold leaf. We're pairing it with a simply genius product every DIY'er should have at home: the Martha Stewart Crafts Glue Pen. This little powerhouse has so many uses, and here we use it to adhere gold leaf right onto the place cards. We used it to pen down guest names, but you can easily create patterns and designs. Draw on dots, play with plaid, or strive for the perfect stripes. When you press the gold leaf onto the glue, no matter what you create, the end result is gleaming, gorgeous, and glamorous.

DIY Gold Leaf Place Card Step 2


  • Martha Stewart Crafts Glue Pen with Ballpoint Tip
  • Gold leaf
  • Small paint brush
  • Paper of your choice (we used water color paper)
  • Gold thread
  • Sewing machine or hand sewing supplies
  • Scissors
  • Dried wheat (or other place setting accompaniment)
DIY Gold Leaf Place Card Step 1


1. Write your guests' name on the place card using the glue pen. The glue shows up as blue at first, but dries clear.

DIY Gold Leaf Place Card Step 3

2. Once the glue no longer appears blue, place a layer of gold leaf over the name and gently pat down. Using a small paint brush gently brush away the excess gold leaf to reveal the gilded name!

DIY Gold Leaf Place Card Step 4

3. Using gold thread, stitch a border around the place card. Start and end at the left hand side and leave long tails of thread. You'll use these later.

DIY Gold Leaf Place Card Step 4 vs2

4. Using the "tails" of thread, tie your place card to a few stems of dried wheat. And you're done! You have a beautifully simple and elegant place card.

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