Today is Paul Rudd and Julie Yaeger's 13-year wedding anniversary. To celebrate, we're looking back at the actor's 13 cutest moments as a husband and father—both off and onscreen.
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Paul Rudd's onscreen charisma may have made him "Hollywood's most lovable man," but his offscreen commitment to his wife (TV producer Julie Yaeger) and kids (a boy, Jack, and a girl, Darby) makes us crush even harder. "I don't think I'm going to sell a lot of tabloids," Rudd once told Elle. "My wife and I have been together for 16 years. My parents were married my whole life until my father passed away a few years ago." No drama and a belief in love that lasts? No wonder he and Yaeger are still making marriage work after 13 years! Here, we list the 13 reasons everybody loves Paul Rudd.

First things first-duh-he's a loving husband and father.

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The obsession started early, when Rudd played Cher's heartthrob ex-stepbrother in Clueless. Just look at that face!

Then he was totally adorkable on Friends.

… and in Wet Hot American Summer.

… and in I Love You, Man.

… and let's not forget The Tonight Show.

We even loved him when he was a total showoff on Wet Hot American Summer (and it totally worked).

Because he always keeps it real.

Even though, from what we've seen, he's not a jerk IRL-not even a little bit, not even at all.

In fact, people can't seem to stop kissing him.

Let's face it, we all just want to be loved like Mike loved Phoebe.

… and eat cupcakes behind each other's back.

… even if it means being Mrs. Crap Bag.

Congratulations to the real Mr. and Mrs. Crap Bag!

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