64 White Wedding Bouquets

white bridesmaid bouquets
Photo: O'Malley Photographers

See our favorite white bouquets from real weddings, be they classic or creative.

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white bridesmaid bouquets
O'Malley Photographers

While there are tons of colors to focus on in your big-day bouquet, many brides opt to carry white for their weddings. The choice may be anchored in tradition, but that's not the only reason it's so popular. White bouquets complement any wedding dress, and never draw attention away from the bride herself. Even better, they go with nearly any color scheme and will fit in with your celebration's style no matter the formality of the day. The color offers a blank slate to build the rest of your wedding's details off of and allows your bolder details to shine. On the other hand, white bouquets don't have to be subtle—some of the most statement-making clutches are innovative alternatives to typical assortments. Whatever the case, a bundle of white blooms can represent a fresh new start in your life.

Best of all, many wedding-worthy blooms look beautiful in white, meaning there's an incredible array of options to choose from. Roses, peonies, and lilies are conventional examples, while orchids, anemones, and protea are more modern. Bridal favorites like ranunculus and dahlias also look stunning in the color, and, generally speaking, you can find quite a few in-season white flowers whenever you're getting married. No matter what you choose, your blooms are bound to look clean and lovely, and can run the gamut from eye-catching to subtle—it's entirely up to you.

Whether you go with a timeless, classic arrangement or more novel, inventive bundle, there's an inherent beauty in an all-white or mostly-white bridal bouquet. Ahead, we've rounded up some of the loveliest white wedding bouquets we've come across.

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White Bouquet with Mint

wedding bouquet
Mariel Hannah Photography

This Poppy Design Co. bouquet was made of lilacs, garden roses, clematis, sweet peas, smilax, and mint. "It smelt of heaven," the bride shared. "I could probably smell it from a mile away."

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White Bouquet with Locket

bride holding white bouquet
The Great Romance

This pretty Peony & Plum bouquet had a locket tied around it. It contained a photo of the bride's father, who passed away before the wedding.

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Charming White Bouquet

stefanie drew wedding bouquet
Julie Livingston Photography

Japanese ranunculus made up the bulk of this sweet bouquet.

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White Bouquet with Subtle Pink

bride and groom with bouquet
O'Malley Photographers

At this elegant wedding, the bride carried a mostly-white clutch with splashes of dusty rose.

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White Stephanotis Bouquet

natalie jamey wedding bouquet
KT Merry

This bouquet—made of white stephanotis—was inspired by the bride's grandmother's. "I love how simple yet different my bouquet was," she shared, "but even more so how it made me feel like I had a part of her with me on my wedding."

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Mixed White Bouquet

bride with white bouquet
Michelle Lange Photography

Jardiniere Fine Flowers made this arrangement of mixed white blooms.

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Blue-Ribboned White Bouquet

bride holding white bouquet
Kristen Kilpatrick Photography

Davy Gray arranged this white bouquet and tied it with long, blue ribbons.

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Original White Bouquet

bride with unconventional bouquet
Kaity Brawley Photography

Tropical blooms made for an original, stunning arrangement at this wedding. The bouquet was dreamt up by Kaleidoscope Floral.

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White Bouquet with Olive Branches

All-White Bouquet with Ranunculus, Anemones and Greenery
Katherine Rose & Luke Griffin of Max and Friends

Shindig Chic paired peonies, anemones, ranunculus, and garden roses with olive branches and magnolia leaves for this bouquet.

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White Bouquet with Eucalyptus

bride and groom with white bouquet
Jenna Bechtholt Photography

This beautiful blend of roses and eucalyptus was designed by Little Hill Floral Designs.

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White Clematis Bouquet

white bridal bouquet
Gavin Farrington

This bouquet, by Soulflower Design Studio, featured peonies and clematis.

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Various White Bouquets

bridal party with white flowers
Elizabeth Fogarty Photography

This bride and her bridesmaids all carried white, but each put the focus on a different flower. The bouquets were by Edge Floral Event Designers.

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White Bouquet with Ivy

bride with white bouquet
Cheyenne Schultz Photography

Ivy made for a stunning addition to this white-and-green Floressence Flowers arrangement.

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White Magnolia Bouquet

wedding bouquet with one flower
Jose Villa

This bride carried a giant, eye-catching magnolia flower.

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Just-Picked White Bouquet

bride holding white bouquet
Ashley Cox

Blue Ridge Floral Design created this lush bouquet using peonies, garden roses, jasmine, and Veronica flowers.

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Leafy White Bouquet

bridesmaids with white bouquets
Apryl Ann Photography

Lots of leaves and pretty anemones made these bouquets by Petal Pushers so full.

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White Astilbe Bouquet

fall wedding bouquet
Jose Villa

This bouquet, made entirely of astilbe, was perfect for a fall wedding.

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White Anemone Bouquet

bride and groom with white bouquet
Amy Arrington Photography

Roses, peonies, hydrangeas, tulips, anemones, ranunculus, Veronica, hyacinth, and gardenias composed this beautiful Southern Posies bouquet.

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White Orchid Bouquet

Simple and elegant all-white orchid wedding bouquet
Iconoclash Photography

White orchids make for a simple, contemporary bouquet, as this all-white arrangement went to show.

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Timeless White Bouquet

bride with white bouquet
Almond Leaf Studios

This Lily Greenthumbs clutch, made from roses, hydrangeas, and peonies, was perfectly timeless.

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Soft White Bouquet

bride holding white bouquet
Abby Jiu Photography

At this celebration, the bride carried a soft and dreamy white-and-green wedding bouquet.

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Unique White Bouquet

couple with white bouquet
2 Brides Photography

This big bouquet featured unique additions and was crafted by The Wild Rose.

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White Bouquet with Ferns

lindsey william wedding dc bouquet
Abby Jiu Photography

For this arrangement, Amaryllis Floral & Event Design used white-and-yellow cattleya orchids and maidenhair ferns.

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White Peony Bouquet

Weddings by Sasha

Every flower at this wedding, all from Atelier Joya, was a crisp white, including the gorgeous all-peony bridal bouquet.

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White Rose Bouquet

Aaron Delesie

Always a classic choice, this bride walked down the aisle carrying a full bouquet of white roses from Santa Barbara Style.

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Locally-Foraged White Bouquet

Lauren Peele Photography

This bride requested that her florist, Bows + Arrows, create a bouquet that was "simple, natural, and classic looking—nothing too trendy or manicured," she said. The result: an all-white bouquet of peonies, bougainvillea, ranunculus, and roses were used in the bridal bouquet—all of which were locally foraged.

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Classic White Bouquet

Roey Yohai Photography

Diane Gaudett of Custom Floral Design designed this classic bouquet of lilies of the valley, stephanotis, and sweet peas.

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Monochromatic White Bouquet

Elizabeth Messina Photography

"I loved having a monochrome bouquet, with feathers—added for a touch of glamour and personality!" said the bride of her ranunculus and sweet pea clutch from Stone Blossom.

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Blooming White Bouquet

Jose Villa

This bride walked down the aisle carrying a bouquet of peonies, camellias, ranunculus, nerines, and crispa tulips, surrounded by maidenhair and umbrella ferns from Mindy Rice.

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White Protea Bouquet

Corbin Gurkin

Floral Arts created this bridal bouquet of lady slipper orchids, blushing bride proteas, white garden roses and anemones, and blush peonies.

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Textured White Bouquet

Abby Jiu Photography

To create a lush, textured bouquet, Edge Florals used roses, hydrangeas, peonies, and other seasonal greens. The stems were then secured with a thick band of ivory ribbon and a tailored bow.

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White Bouquet With a Family Heirloom

Jose Villa

Event planner Mindy Rice designed this white bouquet of peonies, ranunculus, freesia, and maidenhair fern. A keepsake swatch from the groom's grandmother's own wedding, which she'd parceled out to all of her grandchildren and their brides, was tucked inside the bouquet.

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Sentimental White Bouquet

Catherine Ann Photography

Dutch white tulips, Charleston green marsh grasses, and woven palmetto roses made up this bridal bouquet from Out of the Garden. Wrapped around the flowers was a burlap ribbon and a cross necklace belonging to the bride's grandmother, who was unable to attend the wedding.

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Cascading White Bouquet

Emilia Jane Photography

Fleur Inc. designed this clutch—bound with gray, champagne, and ivory ribbons—of cream O'hara garden roses, quicksand roses, sahara spray roses, bay leaf foliage, clematis, olive foliage, dusty miller, trailing jasmine, cream ranunculus, cream peonies, and polo garden roses.

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Lush White Bouquet

Elisabeth Millay

Branch Design Studio created this bouquet of fresh and dried lavender, astrantia, maidenhair fern, seeded eucalyptus, ranunculus, astilbe, Queen Anne's lace, jasmine vine, sweet peas, olive branches, explosion grass, viburnum, and spray roses. The bride then wrapped linen fabric from her dressmaker around the base of the bouquet.

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White Feather Bouquet

Elizabeth Messina Photography

The bride's gown designer, L'Wren Scott, fashioned these fluffy flowers from feathers and bound them with velvet ribbon, since peonies, the bride's flower of choice, were out of season at the time of her wedding.

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Delicate White Bouquet

Elizabeth Messina Photography

Fleur de V Events created this delicate clutch of clematis and garden roses, as a nod to the bride's mother's rose garden.

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White Wildflower Bouquet

Trent Bailey Photography

This bride carried a lush clutch of wildflowers and lilacs from Shape Colour Floral Design.

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White Bouquet with Greenery

Clark Brewer

Amaryllis Designs fashioned this bouquet out of white roses and fleshed it out with local greenery.

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Romantic White Bouquet

Taylor Lord

This bouquet, from Bird Dog Blooms, featured peonies, roses, ranunculus, sweet peas, and jasmine vine.

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Overflowing White Bouquet

Jessica Claire

Chestnut and Vine Floral Design assembled this overflowing white bouquet of roses and greenery with the additions of the wedding ring of her paternal grandmother and a cameo of the bride's late maternal grandmother attached to the ribbons.

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Wild White Bouquet

Annabella Charles Photography

This bride carried a wild bouquet of seeded eucalyptus, scabiosa, lisianthus, astilbes, and ferns from Lark Foster.

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Something-Blue White Bouquet

Polly Alexandre Photography

Blogger Jenny Bernheim of Margo & Me chose a clutch of all white garden roses, peonies, sweet peas, and scabiosa from Flowerjugs, tied together with a raw silk ribbon in the day's signature baby blue.

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Fragrant White Bouquet

Leo Patrone

To make sure they included the bride's "favorite scent in the world," Beehive Events incorporated jasmine in her clutch as well as garden roses, ranunculus, and zinnias into this bouquet.

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Natural White Bouquet

Jose Villa

Flowerwild designed this all-white bouquet of garden roses, white cyclamen, ferns, and wild grass for an earthy, natural feel.

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Loose White Bouquet

Alison Conklin

Florist Tanti Lina of Papertini, a friend of the bride, created this loose clutch of large dahlias, sweet peas, freesia, ferns, astilbe, and assorted greenery gathered from the gardens around the venue's 15th century villa, Residenza del Palmerino. A piece of tartan from the bride's late Scottish father's kilt and two photo charms adorned the stems.

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Dreamy White Bouquet

Brett Heidebrecht

White ranunculus, roses, and Veronica, along with olive branches, cabbage, and ferns made up this lush bouquet from Juniper Designs.

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Tropical White Bouquet

Erica Chan

For her Hawaiian wedding, this bride carried tropical orchids and local greenery, designed by Wildheart Flowers.

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Rustic White Bouquet

Heather Payne Photography

Philosophy Flowers created this bouquet of garden roses, ranunculas, tulips, local sweet peas, tuberose, pieris, bay, and dusty miller.

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Whimsical White Bouquet

Brandon Lata Photography

This bouquet from Out of the Garden featured white peonies, garden roses, ranunculus, parrot tulips, sweet peas, hellebores, and trailing greenery.

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Glam White Bouquet

Kate Headley

This bride carried a clutch from Gillespie's Flowers comprised of peonies, freesia, roses, ranunculus, and olive leaves that were painted silver for extra flair.

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Free-Form White Bouquet

Lauren Kinsey

Mitchell Willis designed this free-form bouquet of white clematis, sweet peas, ranunculus, and lilacs, and filled out the clutch with ferns and greenery foraged in the bride's parents' farm.

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Simple White Bouquet

Abby Jiu Photography

This bride carried a full lily of the valley bouquet from Amaryllis Designs down the aisle.

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Vintage White Bouquet

Landon Jacob

This bride fell in love with her white bouquet of garden roses, lisianthus, sweet peas, gardenias, chocolate cosmos, scabiosa, anemones, eucalyptus, dusty miller, brunia, blackberries, and loose greenery from Fern Floral and Even Design. "My bouquet would make any girl feel like a bride," she recalled.

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Organic White Bouquet

Heather Waraksa

Blossom and Branch designed this cascading bouquet of seasonal roses, dusty miller, astrantia, jasmine vines, and protea.

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White Bouquet with Roses and Orchids

Bryan Blanken/Freed Photography

This bride's chic all-white bouquet from Distinctive Floral Designs by Alison de Wit featured creamy roses, sparse greenery, and a stand-out white orchid.

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Two White Bouquets

brides and white bouquets
Jose Villa

These brides planned an all-white affair, and carried that theme through to their bouquets. On the right, the cascading bouquet held peonies, clematis, sweet peas, and ranunculus, and was inspired by her mother's. The bride on the left carried a gardenia bouquet in honor of her late grandmother, who grew the flowers in her garden.

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White Bouquet with Roses and Lilies of the Valley

Corbin Gurkin Photography

Along with peonies and lamb's ear leaves, this bride's bouquet had roses and lilies of the valley—just like her mother and mother-in-law's did.

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White Dahlia Bouquet

white bouquet
Aaron Delesie

Garden roses, dinner-plate dahlias, miniature ball dahlias, sweet autumn clematis, ranunculus, and campanula blooms were arranged in this bouquet, then tied with a thick white bow.

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Fresh White Bouquet

Judy Pak Photography

This dreamy bouquet, made of garden roses, sweet peas, clematis, foxgloves, and rose geraniums, gave the bride chills the first time she saw it.

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Meaningful White Bouquet

Rebecca Yale Photography

To honor the couple's daughter (named Camilla Rose), the bride made sure to include roses, along with black and white anemones, scabiosa, hellebores, and greenery.

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Tight White Bouquet

paris wedding white bouquet
Greg Finck

This bouquet, made of a mix of white dahlias, roses, rice flower, and greenery, went well with the bride's vibrant dress.

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Ethereal White Bouquet

shannon jon wedding bouquet
Sylvie Gil Photography

This bride kept her white bouquet simple and chic so other details (like her veil) could stand out.

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