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When it comes to what you need to do the day of your wedding, last minute details can easily slip your mind-which is totally okay, you have a lot going on! Use this day of checklist to keep a running tab of what needs to get done and what you've taken care of already. And don't forget to breathe. This is going to be one of the best and most memorable days of your life-enjoy it!

Last-Minute Details That Will Transform Your Wedding

1. Do Damage Control

Ask the florist to bring a spare boutonniere or two, in case one gets lost or damaged.

2. Prepare For the Worst

Pack an emergency kit with eye drops, mints, a stain-remover stick, nail polish, and fashion tape for wardrobe malfunctions.

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3. Be Considerate

Bring along a few pairs of earplugs for any guest who finds the music at the reception a bit too loud.

4. Take Cover

If there's rain in the forecast, stock up on umbrellas and arrange for friends to help guests get from their cars into the venue.

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5. Arm Yourself With a Tissue

Maybe it's your something old, but be sure to have a hanky at the ready. You never know when tears will flow.

6. ... and Phone Numbers!

Tuck a contact list of all vendors in your handbag. Be sure to get the weekend on-call numbers!

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7. Pass Along Your Shot List

Print a copy of the shot list for your photographer. You've likely already reviewed it together, but handing it to her day-of will ensure that no essential pics are missed.

8. Locate the Rings

The rings! Who's got 'em? Make sure they are in the right hands (traditionally, this is the job of the best man).

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