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Depending on your point of view, the elements can make or break your wedding day. But if you choose to see the cold-weather glass half full, you can get excited for and creative with your winter-themed nuptials. Wedding planner Cassie Celestin of White Dress Events in Grand Rapids, Michigan, shares how snow can be the best prop you use during your big day.

1. Use it for gorgeous photo ops.

"You will be so glad snow fell on your wedding day," Celestin says. Snow clinging to trees, covering the ground and gently falling all around you will make the perfect background for stunning photos, she says. A couple of ideas: "Pose with a blanket wrapped around the two of you with the snowy landscape behind you. Take another shot with you throwing some snow in the air like confetti. And do another where you draw a message in the snow," she suggests. Also consider having your photographer bring you outside after it gets dark for some shots with back lighting as the snow is falling.

2. Ride in a horse-drawn sleigh.

No, it is not just for wintery fairy tales. Renting a horse-drawn carriage is totally possible for your wedding day. It may either be used to transport you, or even take your guests from the ceremony to the reception, if it's close, Celestin says, suggesting a few extra touches. "Provide warm wool blankets and steaming cups of hot cocoa, and enjoy the wintry views."

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3. Create a candlelight path.

"Make a path of lanterns or cylinder vases with candles in them in the snow to lead guests to the reception," Celestin suggests. The light reflecting from the snow will provide a warm glow to illuminate your guests' way.

4. Wear a fake fur.

Play up the snowy theme as much as you can with your fashion details. "Planning the perfect accessories to go with your beautiful gown is always important, but even more so during a snowfall," Celestin says. "Stay warm with a faux fur wrap, a chunky infinity scarf, or a cable-knit sweater. You could even opt for some warm fur-trimmed gloves or boots."

5. Plan a snowball fight.

Perhaps you won't want to ruin your hair and makeup for the big day--but Celestin says this could be a super-fun activity for the groomsmen once you've had your pictures taken. "A few friendly tossed snowballs will make some lasting memories," she says.

6. Fall for faux snow.

"While you can't bring the snow inside, you can opt to add faux snow to your wedding décor to complement the real flakes outside," Celestin says. "Use it to fill vases and add candles, cranberries, fresh evergreens, or pinecones." She suggests sprinkling the faux snow on guest tables around the flower arrangement for a natural touch. You can also create DIY snow globes with photos of you or your guests for a memorable favor. "Any way you decide to use it, it will definitely bring the outdoors inside."

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