Not sure what this line item is for? Let us explain.
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The majority of couples planning a wedding have never hosted an event with a multi-page floral proposal until their wedding. While it's pretty straightforward to go through the proposal's descriptions and pricing for florals, the service charges often come as a bit of a surprise. For one, why is there a charge for a décor flip? Here are a few reasons that this is considered industry standard.

Most floral gigs require one delivery, setup, and breakdown.

For the majority of weddings, florists will have a few hours to setup multiple spaces for a wedding, and they'll return to collect vases and candles at the end of the event. Adding a décor flip essentially adds an additional breakdown and setup to the day's agenda. Put simply, there's more work involved, and you'll need the appropriate staff to accommodate this.

There may be significant time constraints.

As an example, let's say your ceremony space has to be flipped to a dining space in under an hour's time, while guests are enjoying cocktails. All the furniture will need to be moved while florists are breaking down the ceremony floral installations, as well as all the new arrangements being placed and styled on dining tables. This time constraint will likely mean that extra hands are needed to pull off the break-down and new installation in time for guests to return to the space.

Your arrangements may require a refresh.

A décor flip may involve refreshing flowers that have wilted in the sun, or there may be a new statement piece that has to be made quickly. Again, you'll need the right amount of staff, and possibly additional flowers to pull this off in a timely manner.


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