Girl, it happens!
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A heat wave isn't always something you can predict for your wedding day, so being prepared for the warmth well in advance is always a good idea. No one wants to have a sweaty wedding party in their photos, and you certainly want to avoid a fainting spell. Here are some tried and true ways to avoid melting on your wedding day.

Stay Hydrated

If it's a warm day, your number one priority should be staying hydrated. If that means you have to assign someone from the wait staff or wedding party to bring you a cold glass of water hourly, go for it. It's really easy to throw back Champagne and cocktails when you're hot and parched, but they'll make you feel faint fast if you're not staying hydrated and eating throughout the day.

Set Up Cool-Down Stations

If your wedding reception is outdoors, it's important to have cool-down stations for guests. You'll want to offer cold water, hand fans, shade umbrellas for guests to carry if the reception is in full sun, sunscreen, and something sweet like lemonade. A little sugar will help if anyone's feeling woozy. Most importantly, the cool down-station should be easily accessible and self-serve so guests can quickly grab whatever they need.

Add Some Shade

For a summer wedding, you'll want to avoid asking guests to sit under direct sunlight for the ceremony and reception. That may mean setting up seating under a shady tree canopy, renting outdoor umbrellas, or bringing in an open-air tent to shelter everyone from the sun. Don't forget to consider shade for yourselves during the ceremony. A canopy overhead is often a simple solution.

Cool a Large Tent

If your reception is taking place beneath a walled tent, it may be necessary to add air conditioning or utility fans to the setup. This is something you should be able to coordinate through the tenting company or through your venue if it's their tent. Walled tents have a real issue with airflow and it's vital for the comfort of everyone that air flows well throughout that space.


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