Plus, hear how her fiancé models what it takes to be a good partner.
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Julianne Hough and fiancé Brooks Laich are currently in the process of wedding planning, and the soon-to-be bride recently spilled that she and Laich have a choreographed dance planned. Now, she shares who they'll be dancing to-that is, if Hough's wedding wishes come true!

Julianne Hough Dishes on Her Upcoming Wedding to Brooks Laich

The Dancing with the Stars host told Entertainment Tonight that she's dying to have superstar Kygo deejay her wedding. "I'm going to pull out all the favors," Hough admitted, which may or may not include hitting up another celeb. The Norwegian DJ recently collaborated with Selena Gomez, meaning Hough might have an in by asking her to "pull some strings." If only we were that connected!

As for other wedding updates, there's still "so much left to do," including finding a wedding dress. Some things, however, have already been decided, like that the size of their guest list. "I have a really big family," Hough told Entertainment Tonight. "Brooks has sort of a moderate-sized family. Regardless of how small we want it, it's still going to be big." But there won't be any reception speeches, as the couple's more focused on dancing the night away. "We're just going to dance," Hough revealed, adding "there's going to be a lot of dancing." All in all, the pair is "just excited to get married and have all of [their] closest friends with [them] on that day."

Hough and Laich also recently made headlines for something different altogether: The TV personality, who suffers from endometriosis, shared how her husband-to-be helps her through painful episodes. "The first time he found out about it was because I was having an episode, and I couldn't even speak," Hough told People. "As soon as it passed, I was able to tell him what it was. Now he knows when I'm having a little episode, and just rubs my back and is there for me and supports me." While his physical help is undoubtedly sweet, what's most meaningful is Laich's awareness of the issue. "There's comfort in knowing that the people around me get it and understand it, so I don't feel like I have to push through the pain because I don't want to look weak," Hough acknowledged. Health conditions are far from glamorous, but they prove an important point: The best partners are those that empathize with one another and share both the good and the bad.


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