Something green is the new something blue.
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When it comes to unconventional wedding venues, we've seen it all: industrial warehouses, sun-soaked beaches, and remote mountaintops. Each one imparts personality and style, but they can also be quite tricky to pull off in terms of logistics. Want to get married on a far-flung island without a single hotel or restaurant nearby? You'll have to provide portable restrooms, transportation, and more. And if storms are in the forecast for your rooftop fête, you'll have to usher everyone indoors. There is, however, one nontraditional option that combines the best of both worlds: greenhouses. Yes, as in heated glass structures that house plants year-round.

These hothouses can be found all over the world, usually on farms and inside botanical gardens—and they offer benefits that the grounds of these locations simply do not. Here are four reasons to say "I do" in an enclosed space surrounded by greenery.

You'll have the beauty of a nontraditional outdoor wedding.

Love the idea of an outdoor ceremony but set on a winter wedding date? The same hothouse that keeps flora alive through cold-weather months can provide a similarly safe, warm space for your guests. In fact, the juxtaposition of vivid vegetation inside and the muted shades outside the windows would make for incredible photos.

There's way less stress associated with a greenhouse celebration.

So, what if it rains? No matter how much you feel exposed to the elements, you and your guests will still stay safe and dry under the covered structure. In fact, a little moisture might just make for even more beautiful wedding photos.

You can spend less on flowers.

With plants growing all around, you won't need to bring in so many cut arrangements—besides your bouquet, of course! Consider exchanging vows in front of tropical palm trees or seating your guests along real rows of grasses. The best part? After the big day is done, those blooms will go on living rather than wind up in the trash.

That rental fee will feel like a donation.

Inevitably, a large portion of the wedding budget will go toward the event space. But when you get married in a greenhouse, you can feel good about where your money is going.

It's a romantic place to revisit.

We love the idea of tying the knot somewhere that will still be standing for years to come. Just think how sweet it would be to spend your anniversaries among the very same species of plants that were present when you professed your love for one another.


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