Want your softest, most beautiful head of hair on your wedding day? Then these at-home treatments are key.
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Though most of us tend to think of hair masks as a product that we only need to use in dire situations—such as when your hair is suffering from total breakage, split ends, and overall dullness—they're actually meant for pretty much all hair types, healthy or otherwise. In fact, hair masks are basically just rockstar conditioners. The main difference between the two product grounds, according to celebrity hair stylist Andrew Fitzsimons, is that masks tend to be loaded up with increased levels of conditioning ingredients, and those ingredients tend to be heavier than those found in conditioners. When you're gearing up for such an event as monumental (and as widely photographed!) as your wedding, hair masks should absolutely be part of your prep. Here's why, plus a few expert-approved picks.

They can reduce damage and split ends.

Whether you're trying to grow out your locks in time for your big day or simply hoping to get your hair to its healthiest state, a hair mask is what you need to seal the deal. Lauren Paglionico, hair colorist and founder of LRN Beauty, recommends Matrix Biolage RAW Re-Hydrate Clay Mask ($29.99, beautybrands.com) to her brides-to-be because it restores and revitalizes damaged hair while reducing breakage and giving hair lots of strength. For color-treated hair, she recommends Olaplex No. 3 Hair Protector ($28, sephora.com), which she calls "a hair colorist's dream come true." "This at home-strengthening treatment repairs broken bonds and is designed to protect and prevent damage," she says.

They can add shine to lackluster locks.

Hair can become dull over time whether or not you color it, but a mask can add back that shine and luster in time for your walk down the aisle. If you're looking to brighten things up and add some gloss, Paglionico suggests Amika's The Kure Intense Repair Mask ($38, amika.com). "It has borage oil which is extracted from the star flower seed, which makes your hair shiny and strong," she says. Another option when shine is your ultimate goal? R+Co's Palm Springs Pre-Shampoo Treatment Mask ($32, randco.com). Damage and dullness are no match for this buttery treatment. Bonus: It's entirely cruelty-free.

They add back serious moisture.

No matter what mask you pick, you're sure to notice that your hair is left moisturized and touchably soft without a hint of dryness, according to Fitzsimons. "All of the great deep conditioning ingredients give you this infusion of moisture that helps solve a myriad of hair issues." For optimal moisture, try Oribe's Moisture & Control Deep Treatment Masque ($63, oribe.com), which is an especially great option for women with curly hair. Anyone can benefit from using it, though—especially if you're looking to prevent breakage, prevent and repair split ends, and reveal your smoothest, silkiest, most hydrated hair yet.

They can cut back on frizz.

No one wants to be a frizzy mess on their wedding day—especially if they're getting married in the heat of summer. No matter your hair type, hair masks significantly improve issues with frizz. "Curly girls know this probably know this better than anyone: a good hair mask can really nourish your strands to ensure your curls stay bouncy, healthy, and smooth," says Fitzsimons. His favorite mask for cutting back on frizz, especially on those with curly hair, is Miss Jessie's Rapid Recovery Treatment ($18, missjessies.com).


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