Guys, if you've got a big plan, you may want to call in backup.

If proposals were easy, your heart wouldn't be racing just thinking about asking the one you love to spend her life with you. To ensure the big question goes as smoothly as can be, consider calling a professional to sweat the small stuff for you. Proposal planner Tiffany Wright makes a case for how a little assistance can go a long way to help your future fiancée say "yes!"

Dos and Don’ts for an Unforgettable Marriage Proposal

1. You're less likely to give the surprise away

If keeping secrets is difficult, and you're afraid you'll spill as you're setting things up to ask that heart-pounding question, a proposal planner can take care of the sneaky work so that your partner won't suspect anything. "We do it all for you so you can sit back and relax," Wright says. "We will help you find the perfect proposal spot, the photographer, rehearse with a flash mob"--if a flash mob is what you want--"decorate rooms with fairy lights and candles. The list and options are endless."

Wright encourages grooms to-be to set up a unique email address for the proposal, that way, your almost-fiancée won't stumble across emails during the planning. "We also like the client to have our number in their phone, so we often suggest they put us under a fake name, such as 'doctor' or 'food delivery.'"

2. A planner will customize your proposal

"Every relationship is unique, so every proposal should be, too," Wright says. "We start by sending you a consultation form, which has lots of questions about you." These questions include your future dreams and desires, as well as your favorite memories together. "We also ask for your social media accounts so we can really get to know you both–and work out the sort of proposal that would be perfect."

3. She'll help you capture the moment

Wright always encourages her clients to either get their proposal photographed or filmed. "This is because, in the heat of the moment, your proposal will go by so quickly!" she says. "By having it captured on camera means you have the moment to treasure forever." And if you choose to do a video, playing the film can be a great addition to an engagement party or reception. Proposal planners can also help connect you to the right photographer or videographer.

4. She provides seasonal inspiration

If you're thinking of popping the question next December, one of the most popular times to propose, a planner can help. She'll know all the best festive and romantic spots where you can get down on one knee. "We have arranged Christmas proposals under personalized Christmas trees [with photos of the couple and love notes standing in as decorations]. We also decorated a winter chalet with a ski theme for a couple who met on the slopes." As part of another Christmas proposal, Wright decorated the space with fairy lights and had a group of carolers singing the couple's favorite songs.


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