Rumor has it that the actor gave gifted his new wife one seriously over-the-top present! (Plus, a look back at a few other insane gifts celebs have given their partners! We're looking at you, Kimye ... )
Credit: Rachel Murray

Apparently, George Clooney is keeping with the tradition of giving a paper gift for the first wedding anniversary. According to reports, George handed over documents to open Amal's favorite sushi restaurant, Asanebo, in London!

Rumor has it that George has been in touch with restaurant's owner and head chef, Tetsuya Nakao, to arrange for the London branch's opening (the Japanese eatery is based in Los Angeles), and has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in the sweet anniversary gift.

So will Amal be able to get her sushi fix in London, from her favorite place in Los Angeles? We'll have to see if George really pulls this one off. One thing is for sure, though, the couple is as happy as the day they tied the knot in Italy over a wedding-weekend extravaganza in April 2014. "We sure are having fun," Clooney said recently to People, adding that he and Amal had a "beautiful anniversary."

But, let's be real, over-the-top, heartfelt gestures are nothing new in Hollywood! Here are just a few other celebrity couples who have lavished their loved ones with insane presents:

Kanye and Kim

For Kim Kardashian's last birthday, Kanye West pulled out all the stops when he planned a surprise birthday getaway to Hawaii. Then he arranged for their daughter, North, to hand paint a Hermès Birkin bag-a purse that costs anywhere from $10,000 to $20,000!

Brad and Angelina

In January 2012, Angelina reportedly purchased a waterfall in California for Brad to construct a house around. Pitt is a well-known architect buff and fan of Frank Lloyd Wright, who famously constructed the home Fallingwater, in Pennsylvania in 1939. Inspired by Brad's love for Wright's work, Angelina made it possible for him to do the same.

Jay Z and Beyoncé

For the couple's fifth wedding anniversary, Jay apparently bought his wife a $4M private island in the Bahamas! Queen Bey returned the favor by gifting her man with an equally extravagant birthday present-she purchased one of the fastest and most expensive cars in the world, a Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport. The car is worth over $2 million dollars!

Keith and Nicole

The Nashville-based duo might live far from the flashing lights of Hollywood, but that never stopped Keith Urban from giving A-list level presents. For Nicole Kidman's birthday, Keith bought her magnificent diamond dangling earrings. At a party for Louis Vuitton in New York, Nicole told InStyle, "I think they were for my birthday, but I'm not sure which one," noting that her husband often pulls a fast one her birthday, but never lets her down. "Sometimes I get diamonds, sometimes I get flowers, sometimes I get chocolates, it just depends. But when I got these, it was a diamond year."


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