Stamped Fabric Wedding Backdrop

A simple yet dramatic way to personalize your event, this customizable cotton curtain by designer Madeline Trait can be used as a ceremony marker, photo booth background, or both.

Photo: Madeline Trait


  • Scissors
  • Fabric (approximately 3.5 yards) Note: I used cotton, which is very inexpensive, but any lightweight fabric will work; you just don't want it to be too heavy to hang.
  • Ink, or if block printing, paint
  • Sewing machine and matching thread
  • Stamps or block prints Tip: You can purchase these or make your own.
  • Wooden dowel
  • Ribbon
Madeline Trait

1. Trim your fabric to at least 6-feet tall by the width of your choice. If you do make it longer, you can drape the excess material on the ground.

2. Hem your edges and make a 2-inch pocket at the top. This pocket is where you will insert your wooden dowel to hang the backdrop.

Madeline Trait

3. Now, here's the fun part. Take your stamps and start stamping. I used my stamps to make a frame around the border of the cotton, but you could also create an allover pattern.

Madeline Trait

4. Once you are done, iron your backdrop and insert the wooden dowel. To hang, you can tie ribbon to either end of the wooden dowel and suspend from a tree or wall. If desired, add a little extra bling and drape a garland on your backdrop. (I used my emerald green wooden bead garland.)

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