So much so it has her rethinking marriage entirely.
This Is Us wedding episode
Credit: NBC This Is Us via Instagram

If you're not watching This Is Us yet we suggest you start right now. NBC's newest show has everyone talking about this heartwarming story of a family, starring Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia as the parents of a set of triplets. The show is structured with a series of flashbacks and flash-forwards to help you better understand each character, and two weeks ago viewers were brought back to the 70s for Rebecca and Jack's (Moore and Ventimiglia's characters') wedding day. Even better, Moore wore a stunning long-sleeved lace ivory sheath with a long train-and loves it just as much as we do!

Iconic TV Wedding Dresses That Stole the Show

"I was like, 'I know I actually already did this once before but I eloped and I didn't have a wedding dress, so maybe if I do round two one day,'" she told PeopleStyle. "Wearing a wedding dress for that episode kind of shifted my mindset on wearing a proper wedding dress. I was like, 'I kinda feel like I have to do this in real life now.'"

That's saying a lot coming from someone who has been married three times (well, twice on screen)! The last time we saw Moore in a wedding dress was in A Walk to Remember, when she wore a more traditional long-sleeved gown. "I guess I'm a long sleeve wedding dress girl," she said.

Moore worked with the show's stylist, Hala Bahmet, to choose the perfect bohemian dress to fit the character and the time period. "We actually had three vintage dresses to choose from," she said. "But in the end, I love that we went with the long sleeves and flower crown. The dress was cut so beautifully and had a long train. For a girl who never wanted to get married or have a proper wedding, it kind of had me rethinking some things." Well, we wouldn't mind seeing her in that dress (or one like it) again!


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