26 Delicious Wedding Ideas for Couples Crazy About Pizza

pizza truck
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Sure, filet mignon and roasted chicken sound like great reception menu options, but, if we're being honest, that's not what everyone's craving. Traditional wedding menu items are classics for a reason, but there's something to be said for serving comfort food at the reception. After all, there's no rule that says you can't turn to a fan-favorite meal to feed your hungry guests. As a reception meal, cocktail-hour bite, or late-night after-party snack, pizza may just be the answer to your guests' prayers. Concerned about making pizza wedding-worthy? Don't be—we've rounded up plenty of elevated pizza ideas for your big day.

For casual weddings, serving pizza is easy—dish it out by the slice or pie. If you're planning a more formal affair, however, you'll want to get creative with toppings or make your pizza station more experiential (show your guests how it's made up close!). With hundreds of renditions of the classic sauce-cheese-dough combination, celebrating with your food of choice has never been easier. Looking for a simple way to please attendees with this comfort food? Hire a pizza truck, like Classic Crust, seen here, to deliver custom pies straight to your reception.

Don't want to serve such a casual food on your wedding day, but still want to pay homage to your go-to snack? Consider a pizza-inspired décor moment, like a pizza paddle seating chart or drink menu. Whether you honor your love for pizza through a made-to-order late-night snack bar or a sign with a witty quote that references your favorite bite, there are so many tasty (and tasteful!) pizza ideas you can copy at your own event.

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Paddle Seating Chart

pizza paddle seating chart
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Grit & Grace strung pizza paddles, cutting boards, and cheese trays on twine to create this unique seating chart. Laura Hooper Calligraphy penned the table numbers and guests' names onto each piece of the display.

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Hors D'evoures

pizza slices
Michael Radford

Single slices of this comfort food make great appetizers for your cocktail hour. These pizza bites ensured attendees were satisfied, but still had room for dinner.

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Take Home Boxes

wedding pizza
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On the off chance that guests don't finish their pizza, give them triangular take-home boxes to so they can take their leftovers to go. These versions featured a sticker with the couple's custom monogram by Mary Kate Moon.

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Custom Pizza Bar

pizza making station
Josselyn Peterson

It doesn't get much better than freshly-made pizza for your wedding day. The Pizza Company Sacramento created made-to-order pies for guests at this celebration.

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Pizza Paddle Drink Menu

pizza paddle signature drink menu
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Transform a pizza paddle into a signature drink menu. This one was created by Natalie Grace Calligraphy Co.

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Pizza Table Marker

pizza table number
Amber Gress

Lion in the Sun laser cut these golden pizza table markers complete with dripping cheese.

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Rolling Pin Place Cards

rolling pin place cards
Michael Radford

Betlem Calligraphy turned these rolling pins into personalized favors that attendees could use to make their own pizza.

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Mini To-Go Pizzas

mini pizza favors
Birds of a Feather

At the end of this wedding, guests were sent home with mini slices of pizza made by Peter Callahan. The snacks were served in tiny to-go boxes personalized with the newlyweds' names.

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Pizza Bar

pizza bar
Heidi Uhlman

Planning a wedding menu to please your many pizza-loving attendees? Serve up multiple options, like these pies from Roman Candle, to make sure everyone is satisfied.

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Pizza Paddle Display

pizza paddle menu display
Jen Huang

This Paperfinger pizza paddle menu was upgraded with florals from Poppies and Posies.

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Late-Night Pizza

late night pizza menu
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If your wedding runs into the evening, guests are bound to want a late-night snack. Make like this couple, who offered five different pies via this calligraphed sign by Perfect Fete, to fight end-of-night hunger.

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Olive Oil

monogrammed olive oil bottles
The Grovers

Send guests home with the necessities to cook up their own pies. These newlyweds gifted invitees monogramed bottles of olive oil, which they'd need to make their own marinara sauce.

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Pizza-Centric Menu

pizza menu
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These pizza-lovers served four types of pies on their big day including margherita, island, veggie, and mushroom and sausage, as seen here on this menu by Studio BDR.

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Pizza and Wine

nadine dan rehearsal dinner pizza
KT Merry

Pizza and wine go together like, well, you and your new spouse! That's why this couple paired their pies from Wine Country Artisans with Marryvale wines.

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Pizza Place Cards

pizza place card
Amber Gress

For a personal touch at your reception, turn table numbers into symbols of your favorite passions. This couple called on Lion in the Sun to print a mini pizza for one of their guest tables.

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Tiny Pies


Small favor pizza pies, provided by Bradford Catered Events, were packed into custom take out boxes emblazoned with a photo of the couple.

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Witty Saying

pizza saying
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Deck out your pizza-themed event with funny phrase that shows not only your passion for the food, but also your love for your new husband or wife. This couple used marquee letters to spell out "I love you with every pizza my heart."

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Pizza Cake

pizza cake
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Die-hard pizza fans, you may want to forego a traditional wedding confection. Bill Hansen Luxury Catering and Events Production provided this couple with a three-tier pizza cake instead of a classic fondant option.

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Pizza on Display

wedding pizza
Rebecca Hollis

You think pizza is a beautiful thing, so why not put it on display? This wedding featured picture-perfect pizzas on simple, pretty stands.

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Pizza Slices

Laura Murray Photography

Seasonal pizza made a splash when it was served during this wedding's cocktail hour.

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Pizza Truck

pizza going in oven
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This pizza oven was on the back of a truck—talk about accessible! Skinny Pines, a mobile wood-fired catering company, offered the statement-making service.

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Made-to-Order Pizzas

pizza at wedding
The Grovers

Pizzas from Bottaro Wood Fired Pizza were munched on at this wedding. Book yourself a similar setup and offer made-to-order pies.

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Mini Pizzas

mini pizzas

How precious are these little pizzas, placed in mini boxes? Bradford Catered Events served the adorable bites to hungry wedding guests post-dancing.

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Creative Pizza Toppings

pizza on serving board
Josh Gruetzmacher

Olive and Vine made this delicious pie, which was served on a wooden board. The keys to upgrading the menu item at this wedding were elevated ingredients and stylish presentation.

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On-Site Pizza Chefs

pizza being made
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Freshly-prepared food is always yummy. Bola Pizza catered this wedding, making fresh pies as guests looked on.

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