Next-Level Wedding Ice Sculptures That Will Delight Your Guests

wedding ice sculpture fruit display
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Although many wedding trends come and go, there are a few that reappear over and again. One such trend is ice sculptures (you could say that they're frozen in time!). While these frozen designs aren't exactly a new wedding décor idea, many modern-day couples have reimagined them in fresh ways.

If you're trying to think of the perfect way to include an ice sculpture in your wedding, let the following photos inspire you. The best part about these frozen décor elements? Not only are they gorgeous, but they're also extremely practical. Have your sculptor create the perfect ice raw bar to keep your seafood fresh. Searching for a way to keep your signature drinks cool? Make like one duo and carve your entire cocktail hour bar out of ice. You can also opt for a more traditional setup—a drink luge, after all, is always a crowd-pleaser.

However, if you want to use your ice sculpture purely for décor purposes, there are plenty of beautiful ways to do so. Just take this Ice Blub design, for example. The pros carved an intricate Grecian-inspired sculpture and completed the statement installation with a bowl of on-theme fresh fruit. But, if you're looking for something a little less over-the-top, consider personalizing your sculptures with monograms or thematic touches (for a winter wedding, consider a snowflake-shaped iteration). Whether you want something extravagant, like a towering flower vase, or a subtle option, like the frozen floral arrangement ahead, there's something here for every kind of celebration.

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Rose Petals

wedding ice sculpture rose petals drink station
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Searching for a way to add a bit of color to your ice sculpture? Consider adding rose petals, like the ones in this option by Stellar Ice. The florals will also evoke a bit of romance and femininity.

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Groom's Cake Alternative

wedding ice sculpture groom cake alternative drink serving station
Britt Chudleigh

Groom's cakes are a popular way to honor your new husband, but if he wants something nontraditional, opt for an ice sculpture. Much like a groom's cake, you'll want it to symbolize one of his interests. This one from Iceworks Inc. was carved to look like an oil derrick. It dispensed Champagne—and nodded to the groom's job in the oil industry.

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Raw Bar

wedding ice sculpture tiered raw bar
Jen Fariello Photography

Of course, you can also use an ice sculpture to keep food cool at your outdoor event. This three-tier raw bar was made completely out of ice and was stocked with oysters and crab legs.

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Ice Bar

wedding ice sculpture full bar
Kim Craven for Brian Dorsey Studios

Ice luges are always a welcome addition to your wedding's bar—but if you really want to surprise your guests, choose one that's larger-than-life. Shadowbook at Shrewsbury created this massive ice bar.

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Frozen Florals

wedding ice sculpture frozen flowers
Melia Lucinda

Although ice sculptures evoke a classic wedding vibe, they can still fit into your modern reception. These rectangular blocks from Darren Ho housed flowers from Lois Hiranaga Floral Design and looked decidedly contemporary.

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Monogram Luge

wedding ice sculpture monogrammed drink serving station
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If you really want to make your ice sculpture your own, include your new monogram. Ice Matters designed this personalized iteration, which also acted as a drink luge.

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wedding ice sculpture rose
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One of the benefits of ice sculptures is that they can be carved into just about any shape. So, we urge you to think of the block of ice as a blank canvas when deciding on your favorite design. This one was made into the shape of a rose—a nod to the rest of the event's floral palette.

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Customized Raw Bar

wedding ice sculpture monogrammed customized raw bar
Colorbox Photography

Make a small ice sculpture stand out by emblazoning it with your monogram. Kathy G & Co. added this couple's initials to a small raw bar ice block, which was designed by Kara Anne Paper, for a touch of personalization.

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wedding ice sculpture diamond drink station
Kevin Trowbridge Photography

Diamonds don't just belong in your engagement ring—they can also be used as inspiration for your ice sculpture. Ice Décor proves that with this masterpiece. The sculptors topped this design off with a recreation of a diamond as a nod to the bride's favorite accessory.

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wedding ice sculpture frozen water dispenser with oranges
Millie Holloman Photography

When thinking of decorations for your ice sculpture, it's best to think about practicality. Fruits, seen here in this Ice Man Ski creation, were not only a colorful addition to the frozen structure, but also a tasty one. As drinks passed through the luge, they were flavored with oranges and limes.

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wedding ice sculpture frozen pineapple table numbers
Melia Lucinda

It may seem counterintuitive, but you can incorporate your tropical theme (or location) into your wedding's ice sculptures. Whether you choose to freeze tropical leaves or a pineapple, like Darren Ho did here, inside the block of ice, the accent will nake for an unexpected, but on-theme touch.

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Drink Station

wedding ice sculpture monogrammed frozen full drink station
Perez Photography

Want to keep your drinks cool and accessible for your guests? Take note from Fear No Ice's drink station. Attendees could choose from a selection of cold Champagne and flavor their beverages with various fruits.

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jiannina enzo wedding ice sculpture
Sandra Åberg Photography

Bring a whole new meaning to phrase "ice cubes" by having your sculptor stack cubed-blocks on top of one another. This one, which was used to serve Champagne at this event, also included the couple's initials.

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wedding ice sculpture bride and groom names
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If you're searching for a simple way to customize your ice sculpture, just look to this structure by Cool Carvings. The pros actually spelled out the couple's names for a fun touch.

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Three Tiers

wedding ice sculpture tiered display for dishes

Planning on using your ice sculpture to serve food? The bigger the better. This three-tiered version meant that there would be enough for everyone.

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Frozen Vase

wedding ice sculpture frozen vase
Anna & Spencer Photography

There are so many ways to present your big-day floral arrangements—using an ice sculpture is one of them. Ice Sculpture Inc. was responsible for this three-tier station that featured colorful florals from Faith Flowers. To cover up the sculpture's stand, we suggest making like the pros and adding a matching mix to the base of the structure.

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wedding ice sculpture frozen snowflakes drink dispenser
Orange Girl

If you're throwing a winter event, there's isn't a more appropriate décor item than an ice sculpture. At this cold-weather celebration, drinks were served using a snowflake-etched option from Frozen Memories,

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Food Display

wedding ice sculpture monogrammed seafood display
Virgil Bunao

There are a myriad of ways to decorate your ice sculpture, but we think your guests will appreciate you using food the most. The Kiawah Island Club ensured this Ice Age design was full of fresh seafood for this couple's attendees.

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wedding ice sculpture monogrammed display
Yvette Roman Photography

Your ice sculpture doesn't have to be large to make a statement. In fact, an intricate design, like this patterned version by Images in Ice, will ensure the structure is dynamic and eye-catching.

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