30 Ways to Serve Coffee at Your Wedding

coffee wedding ideas woman holding iced beverage with couple names sleeve
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If you're a couple who shares a mutual love for coffee, you're probably looking for a special way to serve the beverage during your wedding. Whether your first date took place in a café or some of your fondest memories include cozying up together with your favorite mugs in hand, your big day wouldn't be complete without a coffee station—especially if the setup offers a personal nod to your relationship.

As luck would have it, there are plenty of ways to share your passion for caffeine with your guests in a meaningful way. If you have a go-to shop, ask them to set up a station at your reception—it's a fun, but subtle nod to the daily routine you've created together. Looking for a streamlined, simple approach? Create a self-serve table with Keurig machines and different flavor pods. Alternatively, reinvent your caffeinated selection in a celebratory way (think coffee with Kahlúa shots or coffee-flavor desserts). Ultimately, how you decide to serve coffee is up to you—but we hope you'll keep this personalized idea in mind: This bride ordered custom coffee cup sleeves by Paperless Post, which displayed her and her husband's names. Searching for more fun monogram moments? Offer lattes decorated with your new initials on top (thanks to cinnamon or chocolate powder).

The best part about this much-loved drink, however, is that it can be served at just about any point in your event. Whether you kick off your evening ceremony with a fresh brew or send guests home with some decaf, you'll find that almost no one says when offered a hot cup of joe.

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Diversified Flavors

coffee wedding ideas table with flavors sugar creamer
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Make like Cedarwood Weddings and allow your guests to craft their perfect cup—all you need are Monin syrup bottles in a broad range of flavors.

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Hangout Spot

coffee wedding ideas to go coffee shop cart
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If you and your fiancé have a go-to coffee shop, ask them to cater your event. Frau Nora & Herr Max brought their brews to this reception so attendees could get a feel for the couple's favorite hangout spot.

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Monogram Toppings

coffee wedding ideas woman holding monogrammed foam
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Looking for a unique way to display your new monogram? Hire a barista, like Cappuccino Man, who can sprinkle your crest onto foamy latte tops (using cinnamon or chocolate!) for a presentation that looks as good as it tastes.

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Caffeinated Favors

coffee wedding ideas personalized favors
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Give guests a post-party boost with caffeinated favors, like these from Grady's Cold Brews; the couple personalized them with fun labels that read "Love Is Brewing."

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coffee wedding ideas self serve k-cups bar
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Set up a self-serve bar with Keurigs and K-Cups so guests can customize their beverages. Include mix-ins like sugar cubes, cinnamon sticks, and chocolate, like Storyboard Wedding and The Perfect Palette did here, for an elevated touch.

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Favorite Ambience

coffee wedding ideas catering cart
Leah Michelle

If your favorite coffee shop has a catering cart service, hire them to work your wedding. Bonus points if they bring a little piece of their café to your event. Jubilee Roasting Co., for example, provided this wood and tile bar that was decorated just like their shop.

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Industrial Aesthetic

coffee wedding ideas lighted sign coffee cart
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Use a coffee stand to create a unique décor moment. This setup, rented from Just Brewed Coffee, featured a metal sign and awning that felt decidedly industrial.

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Love Story

coffee wedding ideas black station with sign
Mallory Sparkles

Offering coffee from your first date spot is a way to integrate your love story into your big day. That's why this couple asked Not Just Coffee to provide a station for their reception—the addition was a walk down memory lane.

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Getting Ready

coffee wedding ideas bride bridesmaids starbucks custom cups
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For most brides (and bridesmaids!), caffeine is a must in the getting-ready suite. If you agree, create custom coffee cups for your attendants and pass them out on the morning on the wedding—they're keepsakes they'll actually use.

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Coffee Shop Look

coffee wedding ideas coffee bar signs keurig
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Your coffee setup doesn't have to be catered to feel upscale and authentic. Take notes from Storyboard Wedding and The Perfect Palette, who created this wood and metallic display which featured different style Keurig machines. The natural bar and industrial accents gave this station a Brooklyn coffee shop look.

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Rustic Antique

coffee wedding ideas decorative dresser as table with iced coffee and cups
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Enhance your big day's rustic aesthetic by transforming an antique wooden dresser into a coffee station. Simply Sera Events designed this setup; she left the drawers open and filled them with flower arrangements by Bela Tulla Floral Studio.

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Carboard Sleeves

coffee wedding ideas tray of beverages with custom cardboard sleeves
The Mullers

Make like this couple and customize your coffee cup sleeves with messages that call out special members of your wedding party and important family members.

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Love Sign

coffee wedding ideas bar with morning coffe love sign
Radostina Boseva

If you and your fiancé are self-proclaimed coffee addicts, use your bar to display your love for one another and the drink. This couple hung a sign by Shimmer and Stain from their station that read, "I love you more than my morning coffee," which was really saying something.

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Brewing Demonstration

coffee wedding ideas pour over coffee
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Create an interactive experience for your guests by hiring a barista—this expert came from Public Espresso—to demonstrate different brewing techniques that attendees can recreate at home.

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Dessert Donuts

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One of the best ways to serve coffee? In dessert form, of course. Paula LeDuc Fine Catering & Events presented donuts holes over the hot beverage as an after-dinner treat.

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Coffee-Flavored Cake

outdoor wedding cakes
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Your guests won't see a coffee-flavor wedding cake coming. Amy Cakes created these espresso chocolate confections, proving there are several ways to reinterpret the drink on your wedding day.

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Espresso Crêpes

natalie louis wedding ceremony coffee
Birds of a Feather

Serve your favorite coffee and food pairing come the dessert hour. This groom ritually drinks made-to-order espresso with crêpes—so that's exactly what Hedge Coffee offered on his big day.

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Quick Boost

coffee wedding ideas tray of small white coffee mugs
Heather Waraksa

Pass around small coffee mugs during your cocktail hour for a pre-party pick-me-up. Sole East did just that during this interlude; the tiny, easy-to-drink portions were perfect for a quick caffeine boost.

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Kahlúa Shots

wedding food pairings rachel moore
Rachel Moore

Coffee and Kahlúa shots are a match made in heaven (just like you and your soon-to-be husband or wife!—plus they make for the ultimate dessert cocktail that'll get guests' energy up (and ready for more dancing) after dinner. G Catering & Events prepared these celebratory shooters, complete with a sprinkle-rim, and served them with cookies.

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Make It Iced

elegant wedding coffee station with wicker baskets
Anna Kardos

For warm-weather weddings, iced coffee can offer a refreshing jolt. This self-serve iced-coffee station provided cold brew on tap in a stylish urn and rattan-covered ice buckets.

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Coffee Favors

wedding escort cards tied to bottles of coffee
Lance Nicoll

Turn your love of coffee into a gift like this couple did with mini bottles of coffee concentrate, which can be used to make iced or hot coffee. The wedding favor doubled as an escort card.

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Statement Coffee Urn

grace ceron wedding coffee bar
Heather Waraksa

Offer your guests their favorite pick-me-up with a variety of caffeinated choices. This coffee bar served cappuccino, coffee, and matcha drinks from Cappuccino Man and boba milk tea from Boba Guys. Anchored by a statement brass-and-copper coffee urn, the bar was stocked with everything needed to customize the perfect drink.

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Coffee-House Favs

kelsey joc wedding santa barbara california coffee cart
Jose Villa

Pep up your guests for your wedding's encore—the after-party—by staging an after-dinner coffee cart with a menu full of coffee-house favorites. In addition to classic espresso and cappuccino, lavender latte and yerba tea were unique options for guests to enjoy at this Santa Barbara, Calif., wedding.

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Coffee Camper

Coffee Cart
Jennifer Larsen Photography

A parked trailer dedicated to craft coffee is a fun, interactive way to impress your coffee-loving guests. Here, Brew Sip n' Joy—a mobile coffee and brew bar offering gourmet coffee, espresso, and nitro brew, plus beer on tap—was surrounded by a welcoming setup leading to their vintage Shasta trailer.

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Charming Cart

stephanie nikolaus wedding ceremony coffee
Peaches & Mint by Pia Clodi

A wooden pull cart will look at home at weddings with romantic, vintage, rustic, or garden vibes. This couple staffed their Old-World coffee cart—decorated with clear signage and pink vining flowers—to serve hand-brewed coffee.

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Chemex Brewed

molly ed wedding coffee bar
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Instead a turning your coffee station into a Starbucks with endless espresso drink offerings, a fresh cup of filtered, drip coffee is always a classic option, and especially delicious when elevated. Serve guests Chemex pour-over style coffee, a hand-brewed method that tastes cleaner, lighter, and more aromatic than machine drip or French press coffee.

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Portrait Sleeves

Erin Kunkel

Hand out coffee to-go with hand-stamped sleeves with your personal crest, monogram, or couple's portrait. Big Sur Bakery set up an after-dinner coffee and chai bar with these coffee cups personalized by the couple.

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Coffee and Donut Send-Off

Bryan Gardner

At the end of your wedding weekend, handing out a hot cup of joe and donuts to guests the morning after will be a much-appreciated boost from something caffeinated and sweet. This couple added a personal touch with cheekily designed custom coffee cups and lavender-lemon flavored donuts, that synced with their lemon-themed wedding, from Vincent Van Doughnut.

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Something Brewed

coffee wedding ideas Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Brewed sign
Casey Hendrickson Photography

Display a sign over your coffee station that reads "Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Brewed" to attract guests to the setup in a clever wedding-themed way.

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espresso gelato in white serving dish
Kari Henrichsen

Marry coffee and dessert into one delicious drink with affogato, an Italian combination of gelato with espresso drizzled on top. Affogato stands on its own, but guests may also enjoy it spiked with a liqueur like Grand Marnier, Frangelico, or sambuca, and garnished with whipped cream or espresso beans.

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