We explain the etiquette of giving a gift for a far-flung celebration.
Gift-Wrapping Supplies

After spending a significant amount of money traveling for a destination wedding, you may wonder if you're still responsible for giving the couple a gift, too. The short answer: Probably. Some couples throwing far-flung nuptials will request that guests not give gifts, but since very few people still live in or tie the knot in their actual hometowns, almost any wedding could be considered a destination event in some capacity. The most important gift-giving rule of thumb is to spend what you're able to. If traveling to be there on the big day means you can only afford to give a small present, the couple will understand. You also have a few options for how you give your gift, which we outline here.

Give the Gift Beforehand

You don't have to haul the gift with you to wherever the wedding may be. Most wedding registries have the option to give a gift online to be sent to the happy couple's home. Even if you just sent a card with a sweet note, it's the customary thing to do.

Gift Less

You've already spent a lot of money to be there when the couple ties the not. It's perfectly acceptable to gift less than you normally would for an in-town wedding. As long as you show up with some sort of sentiment for the newlyweds, you're good to go.

Give a Gift After

With all the hustle and bustle of getting to a destination wedding, it's also acceptable to give a gift after the wedding events. Send a card with a note and either gift the couple something from their registry or a monetary amount you feel comfortable with. Whatever you can do to show the couple what they mean to you and how excited you are for their new life together will go a long way.


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