The Ultimate Guide to Wedding Chair Rentals

texas wedding clear bride groom chairs
Photo: Josh and Dana Fernandez

These 11 popular chairs get invited to a lot of weddings. Here's what you need to know about each.

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texas wedding clear bride groom chairs
Josh and Dana Fernandez

You might think rental chairs are a minor detail in your event's design scheme, but they don't have to be. In fact, because there are so many different varieties, the type you choose can have a big impact on your event's overall vibe. So, if you're in the market for chairs for your wedding ceremony or reception, it's best to consider all of your options before making a decision. To help, we worked with the pros to come up with a list of the most popular chair styles for weddings, plus what they might cost you to borrow.

Before you start browsing, though, we've got some advice about navigating the world of chair rentals. First, know that terminology varies from company to company, explains Kristen Rollins of PEAK Event Services. That means that while we've listed common names for the following styles, the brand you're working with might call them something different. Still, fear not: Just show your rental consultant these photos and they'll be able to match them to what they have. Second, it's important to remember that while these are popular types of chairs, there's still varation within each. That means some rental companies may offer the same type of chair in different colors, materials, or with upgrades like cushions.

Finally, note that while these are the most common rental options, it's not an exhaustive list of every type of chair that's out there. As Jewel Butler of Found Vintage Rentals notes, specialty companies have unique stock lists brimming with other less-common but equally-beautiful styles. We recommend showing yours what you like out of this batch and having them recommend additional styles with a similar aesthetic.

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Chiavari Chairs

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Chiavari chairs (also known as ballroom chairs) are characterized by their vertical and horizontal bars. They're typically made from wood and especially popular for formal events, thanks to their elegant design. PEAK prices them at around $8 per unit.

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Cross-Back Chairs

sanjay steven wedding reception table
Edward Winter / READYLUCK

Cross-back chairs are pretty self-explanatory: They're designed with crossed backs. The wooden ones are popular for rustic weddings, but the style is extremely versatile, so they look just as at home at a garden wedding as they do in a chic loft. According to Rollins, they ring up at around $11 each.

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Ghost Chairs

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Ghost chairs (a.k.a. mirage chairs) were made for modern couples. The see-through seating option (typically built from lucite or acrylic) is minimalist and unexpected. Rollins says these can go for between $23 and $25 each, depending on whether or not they come with arms.

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Folding Chairs

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Folding chairs are usually less expensive, but that doesn't mean they look cheap. They come in materials from metal to wood and can be as basic or as intricate as you like. We personally like them for outdoor weddings—a garden fête, perhaps? According to Rollins, they'll cost you roughly $5 to $7 each.

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Chameleon Chairs

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Erich McVey

Chameleon (or fanfare) chairs are typically metallic. They're named for their versatility—they're often styled with linens like cushions or seat covers but they look stunning all on their own. These pieces often go for between $16 and $25 a pop, says Rollins, with stool versions costing the most.

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wedding recession chairs and tables
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Bentwood chairs are known for their round backs, which makes them a comfortable seating option. Plus, they're typically on the slimmer side which means they fit well at tables. At Found Vintage Rentals, wooden versions can cost about $15 per unit.

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Marais Chairs

sara ryan wedding philadelphia chairs
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Marais (or tolix) chairs are contemporary metal pieces with wide back panels. We like them in their natural state or painted for extra customization. These can cost around $25 says Rollins, but more (about $37) for stool varieties.

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Louis XVI Chairs

caitlin michael wedding reception
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Louis XVI chairs have round backs and upholstered seats. They're classy and comfortable, but typically associated with a higher price tag. PEAK prices these at around $30 per chair.

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Slotted Chairs

Love, The Nelsons

Slotted chairs look just as lovely on café sidewalks as they do at reception tables. We consider them a casual-chic style. At Found Vintage Rentals, you can rent each for around $11.

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Versailles Chairs

lisa greg italy wedding reception table chairs window view arch
Heather Waraksa

Versailles (a.k.a. napoleon) chairs are another elegant option, and this unique style is known its vertical bars. PEAK prices these at about $8 each.

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Fishback Chairs

wedding reception tables indoor
Corbin Gurkin

Fishback (or infinity) chairs have round backs with overlapping crescents (think: a Venn diagram-like design). The style is unique but still subtle enough to work for all sorts of events. These typically cost between $12 and $14, says Rollins.

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