25 Snowy Engagement Photos to Inspire Your Own

couple in snow
Blue Rose Photography

Winter is one of the most romantic seasons. The days are filled with holiday cheer, the nights are filled with fireside chats, and the cold makes the time of year ideal for snuggling up with your partner. Add falling snowflakes into the mix, and—as cliché as it sounds—the world really does become a winter wonderland to many. If you and your spouse-to-be are enchanted by the wintertime, consider taking your engagement photos in the snow. While outdoor sessions might require some extra preparation (think: bundling up, avoiding major storms, and planning around the light) the final images will be absolutely worth it.

There are tons of ways to capture the snow while posing for your engagement photos. You can go out to a rural location and take snapshots in the fresh, untouched powder, or search for a venue surrounded by blanketed trees. For an urban session, look for snow-lined roads, snow-filled parks, or try to capture the flakes mid-descent—close-ups of them resting on your hair or clothes can be just as pretty as a scenic background.

Before you book your snowy session, look to some of our favorites for inspiration. These real couples took the winter weather in stride, and showcased their love as well as the season. Whether they ventured out into the wilderness for a stunning backdrop, or posed at home in their city's streets, their albums are worth imitating. Whatever the case, after viewing these sweet images, you'll be dreaming of a white engagement.

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In the Pines

couple in snow
Rachel Howerton Photography

Cool colors reigned supreme in this woodsy engagement photo.

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Falling Snow

couple in snow
The McCartneys Photography

Snowflakes only enhanced this cute shot. Note the pose, which subtly showcased the bride-to-be's engagement ring.

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Fooling Around

man carrying woman snow
Blue Rose Photography

This fiancé carried his future wife into their new chapter.

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Fading Light

couple winter
Ashley Caroline

Dusk in the wintertime is especially pretty, as the light falls beautifully on the snow.

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Winter Bouquet

couple walking in snow
Ashley Sawtelle

This fiancée carried a white bouquet as she posed for her session.

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Loving Look

couple in snow
Ashley Loyer

You can't miss the affection in this emotional portrait.

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Sporty Session

couple snowboarding
Amy Rizzuto Photography

Engagement photos don't have to be formal. This couple pulled out their snowboards and hit the slopes.

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Romantic Pose

couple winter
Winsome + Wright

We can't decide what we love more about this snapshot—the backdrop or the couple's stylish outfits.

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Puppy Love

couple with dog
Anne-Marie Bouchard

Plan to bring your pup to your snowy session for undeniably adorable images.

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Rushing Water

couple winter
ANIKO Photography

A flowing river and its snow-dusted banks served as the background of this engagement photo.

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Looking Back

couple in snow
O'Malley Photographers

Snow-covered trees always look lovely. We're also obsessed with the bride-to-be's boots.

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Love Up Close

couple in snow
Alex Paul Photography

This couple was captured up close and personal, with snowflakes stuck to their hair.

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Keeping Warm

couple frozen lake

Warmth is important during an outdoor session in the winter. This duo brought a cozy blanket to theirs.

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Mountain Views

couple walking in snow
Lane Dittoe

Walk into your future together with a symbolic snapshot, like this one.

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All Laughs

couple laughing snow
Alex W. Photography

This sweet pair was bursting with joy, all while dressed to the nines.

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Hand in Hand

couple holding hands
Alicia Swedenborg

When in doubt, hold hands. This couple's city stroll was captured on camera.

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Lakeside Shoot

couple by lake
Amanda Wei Photo

These two posed on a dock as the snow blew around them. They accessorized with winter hats to really embrace the season.

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Having Fun

man carrying woman
Samantha Clarke

This couple opted for a piggyback ride on the snow-lined streets.

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Park Portraits

couple in snow
Toni Skotcher

Take your session to the park, like this couple did. The untouched snow behind them looked so enchanting.

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Standing In Awe

couple mountains
Winsome + Wright

This duo's snowy location was so breathtaking, they had to stop and take it all in before continuing their session.

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Bundled Up

couple in snow
Blue Rose Photography

This classic snapshot will make a timeless addition to the couple's album.

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Snow and Smiles

couple in woods winter
Salt & Pine Photography

These grooms-to-be went into the woods to take their engagement photos.

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Silly Skating

couple ice skating
Sweetwater Portraits

If you're hoping to have an active engagement session, copy this couple and hit the local ice rink. These snapshots are equal parts festive and fun.

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Natural Beauty

couple in woods
Winsome + Wright

As if you needed more convincing, here's even more proof that the great outdoors are simply stunning come wintertime.

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