It's okay to call for back-up.
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Last-minute changes occur for many couples planning weddings. Maybe afternoon rain showers are forcing the party inside, or there's an unexpected road closure that means guest shuttles need to depart the hotel earlier than initially planned. It may take the couple and their vendor team some time to find the best solution to the problem at hand, and there's a possibility that you'll find you have to contact guests to let them know about a change in location, timing, or plans. If you need to quickly relay information to guests, here are some of the best ways to do.

Divide and Conquer

It's likely that your wedding guest list may include a hundred or even hundreds of people, so the idea of getting in touch with everyone in the final hour can be daunting. This is one of those moments where being really organized with your list will come in handy. Break up the guest list and assign a section to each of your top ten most-trusted friends and family. There's no reason you and your fiancé should manage the entire list when you have plenty of supportive and helpful people around you.

A Mass Communications Approach

Texts and phone calls really are the best way to contact your guests and ensure your message is received. Emails are a good option as well, especially if the last-minute change is detailed and something you can announce a few days prior to your wedding. Your wedding website is an additional communication tool you'll want to update with any new information. Be sure to draw attention to any changes and explicitly state that a change has been made, as guests may not notice your update.

Social Media Assist

A mass Facebook group message can be helpful as an additional communication tool, particularly if the majority of your wedding guests are active on social media. We wouldn't recommend relying solely on this, as many people don't keep Facebook on their phones and aren't as active on the network as you might think (especially when they're traveling to, or getting ready to attend, an event).

Utilize the Staff

If you've arranged for guests to stay in hotel blocks, you can use the hotel concierge and front desk staff to help spread the word about last-minute changes. They may be able to deliver a turn-down service note to each of your guests' rooms as well as put in a phone call to remind each guest of the change, or they can mention it at check-in. If you have a wedding planning team, they should also be able to help spread the word, too.


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