30 Ribbon Wedding Ideas for Every Type of Celebration

ribbon wedding ideas pink ribbon adhered to back row of ceremony chairs
Jen Rodriguez

As you start thinking about your wedding décor, it's helpful to select elements that will serve a dual purpose on the big day. An item that does just that? Ribbon. Not only is it beautiful, but it's also practical. With ribbon, the first thing that comes to mind is tying something (like a bouquet!) together—but it can be used for so much more than that.

Although ribbon is a standard craft store find, utilizing it in fresh, new ways can easily upgrade any part of your wedding. Use it to create a one-of-a-kind seating chart or have your calligrapher write each guest's name on streamers for a unique paper place card alternative. Ribbon can even be used to dress up the last row of your ceremony chairs, like Lovelyfest Event Design did here. The pros tied pink iterations to seats from All About Events; the streamers looked so pretty blowing in the wind at the outdoor event.

If you want your reinforce your wedding-day aesthetic, ribbon can help you do so. Throwing a bohemian event? Opt for an ethereal gauzy version. If you need a textural element that also nods to your luxurious black-tie wedding, velvet ribbon is your best bet. The gist? Ribbon is just another way to make your big day more unique. To see what we mean, just look to the following ideas, which showcase all the ways to use ribbon at your celebration. By the time you're finished, you'll find that this little detail makes a lot of difference in your wedding décor.

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Seating Chart

ribbon wedding ideas place cards adhered to pink ribbon
Amy & Jordan

Creating a seating chart out of ribbons is not only simple, but it also has stunning results. For proof, just look to this setup designed by Some Like it Classic. The pros adhered place cards with calligraphy by Pretty Paperie to long strands and topped the look off with an arrangement from Lux Florist.

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Place Card

ribbon wedding ideas blue ribbon place card on white and gold plate
Maddy Christina

Think beyond the traditional paper place card and opt for a ribbon iteration that matches your color palette. Sweet Love & Confettis used this gauzy, blue fabric from Le Temps File to mark each attendee's spot. Calligraphy was provided by Callyane.

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Ribbon Wands

ribbon wedding ideas ribbon wands in a basket
Melissa Jill Photography

There are plenty of ways to make your wedding exit unique, but we're partial to these ribbon wands by Presently Plum.

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Welcome Bags

ribbon wedding ideas pink ribbon tied to welcome bags
Abby Jiu Photography

Secure oversized gift tags to your welcome bags—Cheers Darling Events was responsible for the ones seen here—with a ribbon to guarantee your favors won't fall out.

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Braided Updo

ribbon wedding ideas ribbon and flowers braided into brides hair
Pat Robinson Photography

An intricate, braided hairstyle, like this one by True Beauty Marks, wows all on its own, but a trailing ribbon and floral headpiece makes it feel more bohemian.

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ribbon wedding ideas ribbon tied around mini champagne bottle
Abby Jiu Photography

Here's a way to make your favors a little bit more personal: embroidered ribbons. These rose gold versions were tied around mini Champagne bottles and also acted as unique place cards.

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Hanging Escort Cards

ribbon wedding ideas escort cards hanging from black ribbon
Charla Storey Photography

Ribbons can turn any wedding-day element into a hanging display, so take advantage of your outdoor location and transform a nearby tee into a seating chart. Birds of a Feather Events used emerald green ribbons by Silk & Willow to tie these escort cards by Harts & Quills to branches.

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Ribbon Wrap

ribbon wedding ideas wax seal and pink ribbon wrapped around invitation
Britt Rene Photo

An invitation wrap is one of the easiest ways to incorporate ribbons into your big-day paper goods. A pink band ensured that the contents of this Aimjames Design suite stayed together; it also added a subtle pop of color to the otherwise muted stationery.

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Cake Décor

ribbon wedding ideas pink ribbon tied around pink wedding cake
Ryann Lindsey Photography

If you want to keep your confection's decorations minimal, consider ribbon. The pink one here was a delicate addition to this blush treat by A Bakeshop.

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Bride's Seat

ribbon wedding ideas roses and pink ribbon adhered to brides chair
Emily Delamater Photography

Ribbons aren't only meant for your bouquet. In fact, use them to attach florals to any décor element. At this wedding, Flora + Fauna marked the bride's spot with blush garden roses and a matching silk strand.

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Ponytail Ribbon

ribbon wedding ideas ponytail with black velvet ribbon
Igor Demba Photography

Trying to decide on the perfect hairstyle for your summer celebration? A ponytail will ensure you stay cool all day long. For an extra-feminine touch, model your look after this one by Unveil and polish off your 'do with a textured velvet ribbon.

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ribbon wedding ideas white ribbon on brides shoes
McCune Photography

These Christian Louboutin pumps are the ultimate bridal statement shoe—their white ribbons gave the shoes little "trains" that looked so pretty trailing the bride down the aisle.

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Dual Purpose

ribbon wedding ideas ribbon napkin ring and place card
J. Anne Photography

Ribbons can serve more than one purpose on your reception tables. Ashley Creative tapped Ebb & Flow Ink to pen each attendee's name onto blush ribbons from Silk & Willow; the place cards also served as napkin holders.

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ribbon wedding ideas ribbon tied to favor boxes
Michael and Carina Photography

Ribbons and gifts go hand-in-hand, so wrap up your favor boxes with colorful, silky versions (Tono + Co. provided the green ones seen here) and add a gift tag with your custom crest, like this one by Lana's Shop.

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Coral Wrap

ribbon wedding ideas coral ribbon adhered to bridal bouquet
Jen Dillender Photography

If you want to emphasize the bright colors in your bouquet, it's best to do so with a vibrant ribbon. Note how this coral option from Adorn referenced blooms of the same hue in this Clementine Botanical Art arrangement.

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Menu Accent

ribbon wedding ideas pink ribbon place card attached to menu
Kristen Marie Parker

Since ribbons are endlessly customizable, they can be transformed into anything—including a place card that's looped around your menu. The ones on this tabletop were created and calligraphed by Pink + Peach.

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Subtle Wrap

ribbon wedding ideas pastel ribbon wrapped around muted bridal bouquet
Rachel Owens Photography

A bouquet full of traditional flowers, like this rose-centric clutch by Oak & The Owl, calls for a muted ribbon wrap. The pros opted for a pastel piece of fabric that coordinated with the arrangement's blush-hued blooms.

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Reception Chairs

ribbon wedding ideas table cloth tied with satin ribbon to reception chair backs
Taylor Lord

Looking for a way to upgrade your reception chairs? Make like The Nouveau Romantics and tie a cloth to the back of each seat with a satin ribbon. Add a bit of greenery for a hint of color.

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Ceremony Décor

ribbon wedding ideas ribbon and eucalyptus leaves adhered to ceremony aisle chairs
Taylor & Porter

Gauzy ribbons are so ethereal—which is the perfect vibe for a garden ceremony, like this one designed by SposiamoVi. The team topped each chair with silky slate ribbons and small eucalyptus arrangements by La Rosa Canina.

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Silverware Holder

ribbon wedding ideas blue ribbon tied to silverware
Weddings By Scott & Dana

Ribbons have a place anywhere on your reception table, even around your silverware. Alluring Events chose this unexpected tie-dye option from The Poetry of Silk to tie this table's cutlery together.

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Hanging Décor

ribbon wedding ideas flowers and ribbon hanging above reception tables
Jodi & Kurt Photography

Fill up your wedding tent's lofty overhead space with a hanging ribbon and flower installation, like this masterpiece from Victoria Clausen Floral Events.

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Place Setting Décor

ribbon wedding ideas ribbon and rose place setting decor
The Grovers

Whether you choose to use ribbons in a large or small capacity, know that they will make a statement either way. Details Details paired this blush option with a matching rose from Hollyflora, which made it stand out against this La Tavola napkin.

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Ceremony Programs

amanda alex wedding programs
Ryan Ray Photography

Passing around a booklet ceremony program, like this one from Julie Song Ink and Mon Voir? Bind it together with a peach-hued ribbon.

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White Wrap

ribbon wedding ideas ribbon tied around white bridal bouquet
Sally Pinera

To prevent your bouquet's white ribbon from blending in with your wedding dress, make like City Flowers and keep the strands lengthy so they flow away from your garment.

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Cocktail Tables

ribbon wedding ideas black ribbon cinching linen on cocktail table
Alyssa Armstrong Photography

At your outdoor cocktail hour, you'll want to make sure your tablecloths won't blow away or move throughout the night. That's why Event of the Season cinched these white linens with a contrasting black ribbon.

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ribbon wedding ideas white ribbon woven through ceremony chair backs
Denise Lin Photography

We Do Wedding Etc. proves dressing up your ladderback ceremony chairs is as simple as weaving white ribbon through each slat. If you want to add a dose of color, top each seat with a vibrant floral display, like these from Balconi Floral Design Studio.

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ribbon wedding ideas black ribbon tied to brides dress
Kevin Glaser

Add a dramatic accent to your all-white wedding look with a moody black ribbon. If you're not into the dark hue, feel free to choose another color instead for a similar effect.

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ribbon wedding ideas pink ribbon tied around bridal bouquet
Taralynn Lawton

Need more proof that ribbons are a welcome addition to a boho-chic bouquet? This dusty pink Silk & Willow iteration only added to the bohemian feel of this Willow & Magnolia arrangement, which was full of pampas grass, light greenery, and roses in the same blush hue.

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Getaway Car

ribbon wedding ideas white ribbon and bouquet adhered to hood of vintage beetle
Tinydot Photography

If you're taking off in a vintage car, secure a traditional floral arrangement—this one is from Fleurlicious—to its hood using white ribbon.

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