Without having too many cooks in the kitchen.


More often than not, the groom's mother tends to avoid getting too involved with the wedding plans out of fear of meddling. However, there are some MOGs who would really appreciate a way to feel involved and part of the process. If you think your future mother-in-law would be great in a more hands-on role, here are a few tasks you can delegate to her.

Assembling the paper materials.

If your moms haven't met yet, or haven't spent much time together, assembling invitations and wedding stationery can be a fun way to help them get friendly. Consider inviting each important woman over to your place for an afternoon of tea and save-the-date or invitation assembly. You're going to need extra hands for this project, and this is a low-stress way to involve both of the mothers in your life. It's also a great time to open up conversation about any family traditions, heirlooms, or special songs either your moms would like to see incorporated into the wedding day.

Helping with the selection of the groomsmen's attire.

While the groom may not want his mom's help with this, it's probably a good idea to have another eye on the groomsmen's attire. She might be able to advise on appropriate ties, shoes, and accessories for the guys, or maybe she has a great tailor she can recommend to the groomsmen.

Negotiating group blocks with local hotels.

Not a very fun task, but it's got to get done and can be a time consuming piece of the planning puzzle. The MOG might be the perfect negotiator, or maybe she knows someone who runs the local hotel where you're hoping to book a group block. Either way, this is a task she can knock out without much guidance.

Dropping off welcome bags at hotels.

Putting together welcome bags can be a lot of work, so divvying up some of the tasks among family can be really helpful during the wedding weekend. If your soon-to-be-hubby's mom is up for the task of delivering bags to one or two hotels, this task could easily knock a few hours of precious time off your list.

Editing the wedding photos into an album.

A fun follow-up activity, sorting through which photos should go into your formal album is something your new mother-in-law could be great at. You may even want to invite both moms over for this task. This can be a fun way to bond over seeing how much all of the guests enjoyed the wedding and get to hear each other's wedding memories.


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