DIY Wedding Favors to Craft for Valentine's Day or Any Romantic Day


Hearts, bows and arrows, and words of love are the charming motifs on these favorite how-to projects.

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If you're getting married around Valentine's Day, or just love the holiday for its romance and obvious cute factor, you're going to fall head over heels for these Valentine's Day-themed favor ideas. From heart-shaped ideas to sweet treats, each one-of-a-kind DIY favor celebrates love and can serve as a takeaway for any romantic party—not just your wedding!

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"XOXO" Favor Bag

Raymond Hom

Stuff this sentimental bag with a chocolate pretzel or any sweet treat of your choice.

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Bow and Arrow Matchbox


Matchboxes are a classic wedding favor and can be easily customized to fit any theme, including Valentine's Day. Strike the right note with this matchbox wrapper embellished with Cupid's bow and arrow.

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Lettered Favor Box

Bryan Gardner

Send guests off with a statement of affection and a tiny box filled with your favorite candies and sweet treats.

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Heart Wrap Favors


Slip a stack of chocolate squares into this super cute and stylish wrapper. A 3D heart pops out for added dimension.

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"Love Is the Best Medicine" Favor Box

Emily K Reomer

All the best parties need a little hangover remedy, and this cute box is the perfect way to help your guests recover. Place this playful sticker on favor boxes filled with Band-aids, gum, Advil, and maybe even a little bottle of alcohol (you know, hair of the dog). Your guests will be eternally grateful.

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Mini Candy Bars


Write a love letter to your guests in a language they'll understand. Simply wrap chocolate bars, arrange them in a clear box, and tie with a gold thread.

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Creamy Fudge Hearts


This recipe calls for pink food coloring gel to keep in line with traditional Valentine's Day colors, but feel free to use whatever food coloring goes with your wedding colors.

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Marshmallow Kisses


These adorable little cookie kisses are easy to make and taste delicious. Topped with a pink-tinted marshmallow, everyone at your party is going to want to take home a batch of these homemade favors. Package them in a little bakery box and tie with a pink or red ribbon with your new monogram.

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Fortune Cookies

Stephen Lewis

These cookies can be customized with a note from you and your fiancé, or you can stick with the classic messages found on conversation heart candies, like "True Love," "Crazy 4U," or "Cutie Pie." Either way, these cookies will send your guests home on a sweet note.

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Box of Chocolates


Who wouldn't want to get a box of heart-shaped chocolates on Valentine's Day (or any day)? Set the chocolates in a candy cup and arrange on shredded tissue inside the box for professional-looking presentation. Add a note from you and your husband-to-be thanking your guests for helping you celebrate.

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Rose Seeds


In lieu of already-bloomed roses, send your guests off with a bag of rose seeds so they can plant the flower themselves. Customize the bag with a cute saying like "Love Blooms" or just a sweet thank-you from you and your new hubby.

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Cootie Catcher


The favorite childhood game may not actually predict who your future husband will be, but that doesn't mean you can't have fun playing with this hand-calligraphed cootie catcher! Plus it's a great way to keep your guests entertained all the way through the ride home.

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