See the couple's snaps from their latest adventure.
Emmy Rossum Marries Sam Esmail
Credit: Getty

Emmy Rossum sure knows how to turn a conventional honeymoon on its head. The Shameless star married Mr. Robot creator Sam Esmail just last week in a gorgeous New York City celebration, and it didn't take long for the newlyweds to pack up their bags for their next adventure: a honeymoon in Rwanda.

That's right-no tropical beach destination for this couple! And not only are Rossum and Esmail taking in the local sights, they're making an effort to capture them on film, too. Rossum herself seems to be taking her role as honeymoon nature photographer pretty seriously, snapping photos of the people, places, and animals they've encountered on their adventure, while Esmail seems equally preoccupied with sneaking pictures of his new wife. "Safari Rossum," he captioned two separate photos of the actress hard at work with her digital camera and a zoom lens.

Meanwhile, Rossum's photos are doing that photography gear justice. And some of her best snaps? A series of photos and video capturing the mountain gorillas the newlyweds spotted at Volcanoes National Park. "Trekked into the mountains in Rwanda with the park rangers who dedicate their lives to the protection and conservation of the mountain gorillas," Rossum wrote in one caption. "Truly once in a lifetime experience learning how to respect, understand and communicate with them, continuing the work of Dian Fossey." Fossey is a renowned U.S. zoologist and expert on mountain gorillas.

Let's just say these incredible images are giving us a small case of travel fever. Plus, a whole new set of honeymoon goals to aspire to. Happy trails, newlyweds.


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