It's all in the sweet, sweet details.
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From the beautiful, warm color palettes to the fun, kitschy details, there's so much for guests to look forward to about a Valentine's Day wedding. It's a chance to celebrate the love of two people you adore, but it's also a built-in activity for a day that's often too busy to thoroughly enjoy. Here are all the reasons why guests love a Valentine's Day (or V-Day-themed!) wedding, and it's not just because of the fancy chocolate favors (though they like those, too!).

They're fun to get dressed up for.

Choosing an outfit for a Valentine's Day wedding is a fun task for guests. It's an excuse to wear a bold red dress for once, or an opportunity to bring in a playful accessory like a heart-shaped clutch or ballet pink shoes.

It's a built-in activity for an otherwise very busy day.

It's no secret that Valentine's Day is one of the busiest days of the year for restaurants and bars. Having a wedding to attend instead of going out and battling the crowds is a welcome reprieve for guests.

The color palettes can be so much fun.

The colors associated with Valentine's Day include various shades of pinks and reds that make for beautiful, vibrant décor your guests are sure to enjoy. Hues like burgundy, rose, magenta, blush, copper, peach, sand, and raspberry are all fair game.

It's a reason to celebrate a holiday they may otherwise ignore.

There are plenty of folks out there who aren't big fans of Valentine's Day (yes, including couples!), but they'll gladly celebrate your love any day of the year.

It's an excuse to get a little kitschy.

We're not saying you have to include hearts in every element of your wedding décor, but you can easily introduce some kitsch factor in honor of the holiday. For example, you could transform a traditional photo booth into a kissing booth with a fabulous, sparkling backdrop.

If your wedding is a destination wedding, there's a fabulous holiday opportunity built in.

Guests love having a reason to travel in the wintertime, so February is as good a time of year as any to have a destination wedding. To embrace the romance of Valentine's Day, they may even extend their trip for a much-needed winter vacation.

All the sweet, sweet details.

Whether you serve individual heart-shaped valentine cakes or s'mores with cupid-shaped graham crackers, you'll want to incorporate some sweet details that reflect the Valentine's Day spirit. Guests love these kinds of details, so don't be afraid to sprinkle a few sweet surprises throughout the day.


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