Everybody dance now! After all, what better way to celebrate a union? Maybe it's the enthusiastic participants, the upbeat tunes, or the element of surprise, but we can't stop watching these wedding dance videos. Here, our favorite choreographed numbers and fun flash mobs that stunned at ceremonies, rocked at receptions, and lived on as legends.
Credit: Aaron Smith

Perhaps the most iconic bridal party performance of all time, this joyful recording of an entrance dance to Chris Brown's "Forever" garnered more than 12 million views within just a few weeks of its 2009 upload. Combine those numbers with the popularity of The Office's parody, and we'd wager that this is one wedding video we'll be enjoying, well, forever.

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When the bride and groom-and many of the guests-are former "Lord of the Dance" members, you can bet there will be a wee bit o' Irish dancing at the reception. In this viral video, two ladies lead a routine that, as more and more guests join, evolves into an entire troupe of talented Irish dancers, including the lord and lady of honor.

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For his new wife, who just so happens to be a member of the Richmond Ballet, this groom, also a professional dancer, pulled off one polished number. And to lend a helping hand-or, shall we say, jazz hands-the couple's loyal groomsmen enthusiastically turned up.

However, you don't have to be a pro to put together a performance revelers will remember. This hilarious medley features silly moments and solos by the groom and his pals.

Gorgeous drone photography captured a bird's-eye view of this bridal party's fun flash mob to Mark Ronson's "Uptown Funk," which they debuted following the I do's. (Don't believe us? Just watch.)

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For the grand finale of this pre-wedding fête, friends of the bride and groom busted a move with a "bollywood/bhangra" dance.

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Jason and Paul's flash mob to "The Safety Dance" came as a surprise to the rest of the guests gathered in the space. And with its compilation of choreographed pop culture references? Best. Surprise. Ever.

How do you craft a maid of honor speech that's actually entertaining? Grab the rest of the gals and show off some serious moves to a song from your favorite movie, natch.

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This groom used the reception as an opportunity to include his bride in a fun family tradition. Most important (and adorable!), he and his pals passed the torch to his nephew, who completely wins over the crowd in this dance to "What Makes You Beautiful" by One Direction.

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The caption of this Instagram video captured by wedding videographer Chip Dizard says it all: "When you have the bomb bridal party and they crush the #runningmanchallenge at the wedding."


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