It all depends on the type of person you are.
Cuisinart Cookware
Credit: Courtesy of Zola

Choosing cookware for your registry can certainly be overwhelming in the beginning! With unlimited styles, colors, features, and more, there are many directions to go. Whether you're an aspiring chef or you prefer takeout, we've picked the perfect selection of cookware that's just right for you!

The Minimalist

If you're the type of couple that is always on the run, perhaps you're looking for something more simple to fit into your busy lives. This 10-piece Stainless Steel cookware set by Cuisinart, is sleek, minimal, and contains every essential you'll need for a lifetime of cooking. Stainless steel also happens to require the least maintenance, so you can save time by popping it in the dishwasher rather than washing by hand.

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Martella Cookware
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The Connoisseur

If cooking is what feeds your soul, you might consider cookware that will take your artistry to a whole new level. We love this 10-Piece Copper Cookware Set by Martellata for both its beauty and brains. Copper pans conduct heat incredibly well, and they also cool down fast which gives you optimal heat control. Although, copper can be on the pricier side, it's the perfect item to turn into a group gift, so multiple loved ones can go in on making your cookware dreams come true!

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LeCreuset Cookware
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The Collector

For a set that is gorgeous, high quality, and will always be in style, go for an icon like this Signature 5-Piece Cookware Set by Le Creuset. Enamelled cast iron pans are known to distribute heat slowly, but effectively, and come in wonderful selection of colors! Whether you start from scratch or add to an existing Le Creuset collection, this set will be sure to add dimension to your kitchen.

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