Before you walk down the aisle, you'll no doubt sit for the photographer. Here's how to ensure your bridal portraits are as stunning as your dreams.

When Lady Diana Spencer confided to her sisters that she was getting cold feet about her upcoming nuptials to Prince Charles in 1981, they replied, using her childhood nickname, "You can't back out, Dutch -- your face is on the tea towels!"

Not every bride has her photograph adorning coffee mugs and commemorative plates, but there's no arguing that when her wedding portrait is taken -- typically in those anticipation-filled hours before the ceremony -- she feels a sense of inevitability, as if the moment she's been waiting for has finally arrived.


These first images do more than document the event; long after your flowers have wilted, they'll remind you of the joy you felt and the beauty you radiated on the day you joined your husband in marriage. And if you're lucky, the portraits taken of you as a bride will be miniature works of art as well as personal mementos, ones that will be saved and treasured for generations to come.


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