It seems like Kate Middleton was always destined to marry a handsome man named William.

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Some say love is written in the stars, but for Duchess Kate and Prince William, it was written in a script. A video has resurfaced showing a young Middleton acting in a childhood performance, and her role featured a major coincidence.

The clip was first shared by ABC years ago, but has recently resurfaced. It documents a moment from the royal's stint in a play put on by St. Andrews, the prep school that she attended. Kate's character is meeting with a fortune teller when she's told that "love" and "riches" are in her future-specifically, "a rich gentleman" who will marry her and take her to London.

"It's all I'd ever hoped for," the actress replies after learning about her (now real-life) fate. Later in the show, her character gets proposed to by the character in question. Funnily enough, he's named-you guessed it-William!

In the performance, Kate's character exclaims that the information regarding her marriage sets her heart "aflutter." As it turns out, she wasn't the only one excited about the prospect of her tying the knot with a William! When news of her engagement to Prince William first broke, the world joined her in celebrating. Fans of the famous spouses are now understandably amazed by the similarities between the play plot and the couple's actual romance, especially since it blossomed long after the former took the stage with her fictional suitor.


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