Honestly, we can't stop laughing.

By Sarah Schreiber
January 12, 2018
James Corden and Julia Carey Emmys 2017
Credit: John Shearer/Getty

Matt Smith might go down in history as the worst wedding guest of all time-and he has the stitches to prove it. The Crown actor sat down with James Corden on The Late Late Show to reminisce about his infamous behavior at the host's nuptials five years ago.

Smith, a "dear, dear friend" of Corden's, was there to witness the happy union between the Carpool Karaoke star and Julia Carey at Babington House in Somerset. As soon as the host brought up the reception, though, the Doctor Who actor started laughing. "You were the star of our wedding in many ways," Corden said. "Do you remember anything about that day?"

Apparently, Smith does, despite overindulging at the Champagne tower. "I've got a scar on my chin where I fell up the stairs. I fell in a fire [place]-twice! It wasn't alight, thank God; I am a fire hazard," he revealed. It wasn't all near-death experiences, though. "I danced with Kylie Minogue, which was glorious. And then your dad put me in a car," Smith said. "At the end, he was like, 'Matt...Come on, son. It's time. It's time.' He put me in the car; it was a silver Mercedes. I got in, and I closed the door, and I got around the side and ran back inside!"

Smith just wasn't ready for the good times to end, he said. "What a wedding!" he said. "A good wedding!" Corden agreed, fondly. "It was a good wedding!" And the comedian certainly knows a good celebration when he sees one. He was quite the memorable wedding guest, himself, when he attended Chris Hardwick and Lydia Hearst's quirky wedding dressed as a cowboy. "I really went for it," he explained.


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