Hint: An unforgettable (and entirely one-of-a-kind) gown follows.
Lauren Roseman Wedding Photo

For Lauren Roseman, publicist for Saturday Night Live and Late Night with Seth Meyers, 30 Rockefeller Center is practically home. She started as an intern in the building, went on to become a page, and has since spent years working within its walls. The New York City landmark was made all the more special when her now-husband, Michael Schwartz, popped the question there, and the duo toasted their new engagement at the Rainbow Room. As the couple began planning their September 2, 2017, wedding, that iconic space on 30 Rock's 65th floor became the obvious place to host their wedding.

Just like the wedding venue was so important to Lauren and Michael, so was the bride's dress. That's why she turned to Dale Richards, wardrobe supervisor for Saturday Night Live, to help her bring her vision to life. "I've known Lauren for 15 years. When I found out she was getting married, I thought, 'Of course I'll design your dress,'" Dale says. "I don't know if she ever asked me to do it, I may have pushed my way in." Lauren adds, "I just assumed he'd be doing it."

Lauren Roseman SNL Designer Wedding Dress
Credit: Courtesy of Lauren Roseman

Although Dale creates costumes by day, working with Lauren on her big-day look wasn't his first time designing wedding dress. He's responsible for the gowns Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, and Molly Shannon all wore for their walks down the aisle. ("Every time a host or cast member comes through here, everyone knows to go to Dale," Lauren says. "If you want your wedding done right, you want to look your best, you go to Dale.") And when it came to creating a dress for Lauren, he knew exactly what she should wear from the moment they started talking.

"I wanted her to look like Ava Gardner, she needed to be a movie star," he says. "I saw in the type of a dress a movie star would wear in the 1940s." Instead of building an entire dress from scratch, he asked Lauren to shop for a gown she liked the bones of, then they'd manipulate different elements to make it entirely her own. She found exactly what they were both looking for in a Chantilly lace gown.

The one thing both agreed the dress needed? Color. "I felt strongly it should have color in it," says Dale. "Her favorite color is lilac, and I knew it would be the perfect shade to stand out against the grays in the Rainbow Room." To get just the right color, Dale and Lauren added layers of translucent fabric beneath the skirt, giving the dress a bespoke hue that changed with the light and as the bride moved.

Lauren Roseman Wedding Dress
Credit: Courtesy of Lauren Roseman

Another epic detail was the custom corset he created, helping to define Lauren's shape and give her that vintage movie star vibe ("I used to do Sofia Vergara's corset," Dale told us). After what Dale and Lauren estimate to be nearly 100 fittings ("We did it all at SNL, so she'd come down for a fitting in the middle of the day," Dale explained), the dress was complete, and the bride-to-be could not have been happier with the result.

Lauren Roseman and Dale Richards Dancing

"I was speechless," Lauren (pictured with Dale, above) says of the finished dress. "I was truly in awe. Seeing what he does at SNL is truly impressive, but seeing what he creates from the time he starts something to the time he finishes it is a miracle. I'm somebody who has so many words, but it just took the words out of my mouth."

But Dale couldn't leave Lauren's husband, Michael, out of the fun. While he didn't make his tuxedo, he did help him get the perfect fit from Ralph Lauren.


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