The Average Cost of Weddings by State

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This is how much couples are spending on their nuptials across the country.

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Amanda Mustard

If you're about to begin the wedding planning process, you've likely been told that where you decide to host your ceremony—location, location, location!—is one of the first choices you need to make. It's sound advice. Before you scout the perfect venue, however, you have to nail down the general location. Will you get hitched in your home state? Travel to another part of the country? Hop the pond? If you're leaning towards the first or second, we've put together a helpful guide to help you on your search. This list breaks down the average cost of weddings by state—and this information just might come in handy if you want to know roughly what you'll be spending on vendors, either at home or in another area.

Ultimately, it comes down to what you already know—some states' overarching costs of living (and, therefore, spending) are lower than others. But it's still helpful to know what couples are actually dishing out for their big days on a state level. Ahead, you'll find state-by-state averages from The Wedding Report, which were generated based off of 2017 data. These state means range from $15,000 to $39,000 and paint a picture of what getting hitched looks like (from a monetary perspective, at least!) throughout the United States. As for the total national average? It's higher than you might have anticipated: From start to finish, the typical American couple spends around $26,000 on their wedding day.

To give you an even clearer picture, we've outlined category breakdowns as well, so you can see how specific verticals—think venue, food, bar, and planning services—tie into the bigger numbers. Ready to see where your home state or wedding location falls on the list? Ahead, a total list of the average cost of weddings by state.

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state wedding costs illustration alabama
Amanda Mustard

Tying the knot in sweet home Alabama? Total wedding costs averaged $17,766 in 2017—couples shelled out the most on food ($3,827), wedding planners ($2,313), and venue ($2,961).

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state wedding costs illustration alaska
Amanda Mustard

Duos planning their nuptials under the Aurora Borealis will have to pull out their wallets for those sights. Due to high import costs, Alaska is one of priciest places in the U.S. to host a wedding, tallying in at an average of $35,401. Your menu will expectedly cost the most ($5,450), but venue location is nearly just as pricey ($4,225).

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state wedding costs illustration arizona
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There are so many incredible parts of arid Arizona—the Grand Canyon and Sonoran Desert, for starters—which explains why it's a popular wedding destination (over 40,000 couples exchanged vows there in 2017!) for fiancés throwing boho-chic events. These duos spent an average of $22,338 overall, most of which went towards food ($4,235) and venue ($3,277).

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state wedding costs illustration arkansas
Amanda Mustard

Whether you're marrying in Hot Springs or Little Rock, an Arkansas wedding will set couples back around $17,935 (one of the lower averages on this list!).

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state wedding costs illustration california
Amanda Mustard

It probably doesn't come as a shock that the Golden State is home to some of the most lavish (and pricey!) weddings in the country. It was home to nearly 250,000 weddings in 2017, which grossed over $8 billion in sales. On average, newlyweds spent $32,770.

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state wedding costs illustration colorado
Amanda Mustard

Aspen, Denver, Rocky Mountain National Park—when choosing a Colorado wedding location, you really can't go wrong. You'll want to prepare your budgets though, since average wedding costs clocked in at $28,590.

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state wedding costs illustration connecticut
Amanda Mustard

Planning a wedding in picturesque Connecticut? Data suggests you'll allocate the largest portion of your budget (which averages in at $36,971 per couple) towards food ($6,009). That's some of the priciest fare on this list.

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state wedding costs illustration delaware
Amanda Mustard

With both bay and Atlantic Ocean views, Delaware offers up several wedding stand-outs—coastal cuisine (which explains this category's $4,749 price tag), an unparalleled waterfront, and more. The total? Newlyweds spend a mean of $28,970 on their festivities.

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Washington, D.C.

state wedding costs illustration washington dc
Amanda Mustard

Getting married in the nation's capitol means your love story is connected to the fabric of the country. The city also comes with hefty vendor costs, which tally up to $36,459 on average.

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state wedding costs illustration florida
Amanda Mustard

Whether you're lucky enough to live (and, therefore, get hitched) in the Sunshine State, or are traveling there for a domestic destination wedding, you'll likely have to budget in the low $20,000s—on average, couples spent $21,842 on their wedding in 2017 and dished out the most on food ($4,422).

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state wedding costs illustration georgia
Amanda Mustard

Newlyweds in Georgia put most of their energy and funds towards three categories: food, venue, and bar. When combined with other nuptial-related expenses, those elements led to an average wedding cost of $22,589.

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The fact that Hawaii is one of the most expensive places to tie the knot shouldn't surprise you—getting married in paradise doesn't come cheap! Venue, food, and planning services were the top three line items in the average total of $39,078.

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state wedding costs illustration idaho
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Exchanging vows anywhere in this lush, rural state will likely set you back around $20,000, according to The Wedding Report's data. Couples in 2017 spent an average of $20,724 on their nuptials.

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state wedding costs illustration illinois
Amanda Mustard

Despite the fact that Illinois is home to one of the country's biggest cities, the state's wedding cost average is lower than we expected, at just $26,700.

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state wedding costs illustration indiana
Amanda Mustard

Duos preparing for a rustic, country wedding in Indiana have so much to look forward to, like the sprawling landscapes and authentic red barn venues. You'll likely spend the most on food (the average cost was $4,270 last year) and roughly $22,090 total.

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state wedding costs illustration iowa
Amanda Mustard

Iowa boasts some of the most bucolic and picturesque celebrations in the mid-West—and, according to our data, are food-focused. Couples typically spend more on food services ($4,212) than wedding planners ($2,892) and total in around $23,669.

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state wedding costs illustration kansas
Amanda Mustard

Whether you're saying "I do" in a rustic barn setting or at a winery (Kansas is known for their vintners!), prepare to spend around $23,090 on your ceremony and reception.

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state wedding costs illustration kentucky
Amanda Mustard

Get all the scenery the vibrant South has to offer for less in Kentucky. The state's wedding cost average ($18,223) is one of the lowest in the country.

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state wedding costs illustration louisiana
Amanda Mustard

New Orleans and Baton Rouge are just a few of the incredible places to get hitched in Louisiana. Though these highly-trafficked, city-style areas will undoubtedly lead to higher wedding costs, the state's total number ($19,977) is relatively low. Unsurprisingly? Couples spend the most ($4,259) on (sea)food.

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state wedding costs illustration maine
Amanda Mustard

Speaking of seafood—the same logic applies to Maine (couples spent an average of $5,425 on menu costs, and we assume at least some of that went towards lobster). The overarching total, however, was much higher, coming in at $26,780.

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state wedding costs illustration maryland
Amanda Mustard

You'll notice that wedding costs creep upwards as you make your way up the Northeastern states. The Wedding Report saw a definitive spike starting in Maryland. Nearly 40,000 weddings took place in the state in 2017, grossing a whopping $1.2 trillion in sales. The average cost? $34,503, with an emphasis on food ($5,344).

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state wedding costs illustration massachusetts
Amanda Mustard

That trend continued into Massachusetts (it's no wonder when you consider its landmarks, like Boston, the Berkshires, and Martha's Vineyard), with a state-average in the high $30,000s. Of the average $36,709 spent, nearly $6,000 went to food and drink.

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state wedding costs illustration michigan
Amanda Mustard

Just under 60,000 couples got hitched in Michigan last year. If you're looking to join the club (Lake Michigan might be calling your name!), you should know that the average wedding costs $21,850—but that might fluctuate if you do opt for a waterfront fête.

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state wedding costs illustration minnesota
Amanda Mustard

Bordering Canada and Lake Superior, this Midwest state (it boasts over 10,000 lakes!) provides some epic scenery for outdoor weddings, which total in at an average of $28,132. Are city-style celebrations more your thing? Consider the Twin Cities (Minneapolis and Saint Paul), which are home to incredible museums (though these types of events will likely cost more).

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state wedding costs illustration mississippi
Amanda Mustard

Looking to keep your wedding under $20,000? Mississippi tallies in way under the benchmark at $15,581.

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state wedding costs illustration missouri
Amanda Mustard

St. Louis' Gateway Arch, Branson's incredible art and theater scene, and Kansas City's cuisine are all reasons to celebrate your big day in Missouri. As for the couples that did last year? They spent $20,951 on average. The majority of funds went to food ($4,095), venue ($2,844), and planner ($2,823) services.

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state wedding costs illustration montana
Amanda Mustard

Entranced by Montana's snow-capped peaks, lakes, and mountain views? So were the 8,276 couples who tied the knot in the Western state last year. You'll need to budget in the low, $20,000s if you do ultimately plan to host your nuptials in the Treasure State—the wedding cost average for 2017 was $21,179.

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state wedding costs illustration nebraska
Amanda Mustard

It's only fitting that Nebraska, which is located right in the middle of the continental U.S., landed in the middle of total wedding costs ($23,798).

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state wedding costs illustration nevada
Amanda Mustard

Nevada isn't just for bachelorette parties—the western state, with endless deserts, canyons, and Vegas is perfect for outdoor, bohemian celebrations. The average couple spent $23,008 on their weddings last year, which means you'll likely want to budget for at least that much.

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New Hampshire

state wedding costs illustration new hampshire
Amanda Mustard

Though New Hampshire is home to quaint towns, expansive forests, and, consequently, some of the best fall foliage in the country, it doesn't see a ton of weddings (just over 9,000 couples tied the knot there last year). That means that your New Hampshire wedding will be unique, but it may cost a little more than a celebration in another state. On average, couples spent $35,300 on their nuptials.

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New Jersey

state wedding costs illustration new jersey
Amanda Mustard

The Garden State has one of the highest average wedding costs in the country, coming in at $38,049 in 2017. Also noteworthy? Couples spend more on engagement rings ($4,167) in New Jersey than in most other states.

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New Mexico

state wedding costs illustration new mexico
Amanda Mustard

Both desert venues and Spanish colonial estates abound in New Mexico, which offers today's brides and grooms some of the most diverse wedding locations. It makes sense, then, that venue rentals were the second-highest line item ($3,142) of the total average cost of $18,954.

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New York

state wedding costs illustration new york
Amanda Mustard

Consider the lavish, opulent celebrations that take place in New York City, and you'll understand why this state's average wedding cost ($35,477) is higher than most.

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North Carolina

state wedding costs illustration north carolina
Amanda Mustard

This coastal state has so many noteworthy locations, from the Outer Banks to Charlotte. Whether you're traveling to North Carolina to tie the knot or are lucky enough to call the area home, expect to dish out the most money on food ($4,340) and venue ($3,358) The grand total? $20,950.

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North Dakota

state wedding costs illustration north dakota
Amanda Mustard

Just 4,485 couples tied the knot in North Dakota (who doesn't love a Great Plains ceremony?) in 2017, but over-all wedding sales tallied in at over $123 million. On average, weddings in this state came with a $27,494 price tag.

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state wedding costs illustration ohio
Amanda Mustard

With so many incredible cities—think Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Columbus—and Lake Erie, it's no wonder that so many duos choose to tie the knot in scenic Ohio. Luckily, average wedding costs are relatively low, tallying in at $22,026 in 2017.

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state wedding costs illustration oklahoma
Amanda Mustard

In the Sooner State, couples spend an average of $21,475 on their weddings. Their biggest expenditure? Food, which accounted for $4,270 of the final number.

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state wedding costs illustration oregon
Amanda Mustard

In Oregon (famed for its incredible Pacific views, bustling city Portland, and diverse landscape), couples spent just about the same amount of money on their engagement rings ($3,657) as their wedding venues ($3,810), which is an idea we can really get behind. As for the total? Duos spent $26,605 on average.

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state wedding costs illustration pennsylvania
Amanda Mustard

Similar to Washington, D.C., Pennsylvania offers newlyweds a piece of the original American landscape. If you're about to be a Philly bride, you'll want to be prepared for higher wedding costs overall, since couples spend nearly $30,000 ($29,891 to be exact!) on their nuptials.

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Rhode Island

state wedding costs illustration rhode island
Amanda Mustard

Only 6,600 newlyweds tied the knot in Rhode Island in 2017—but average total costs circled in at just over $32,000. The gist? Weddings are on the pricier side in this New England state (especially food, which, at $5,694, was the priciest piece of the pie).

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South Carolina

state wedding costs illustration south carolina
Amanda Mustard

Scenic locales like Charleston and Hilton Head make this coastal state a popular wedding destination. Though waterfront locations will likely cost you more, on average, couples shelled out $20,846 total on their weddings last year.

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South Dakota

state wedding costs illustration south dakota
Amanda Mustard

If you're planning a camp-themed destination wedding weekend in South Dakota, you'll have your pick of wide-open spaces—the Badlands are epic for this type of event. Though pulling off a three-day celebration will likely result in higher wedding costs, keep in mind that the average pair spent $22,854 total last year.

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state wedding costs illustration tennessee
Amanda Mustard

Music lovers may flock to Nashville, Tennessee, for its rich history and famed country music legacy. Couples planning weddings may do the same, but they'll also benefit from the food scene, dance halls, and, if they're nature lovers, views of the Great Smoky Mountains. Luckily, the average Tennessee wedding costs under $20,000—nuptials averaged in at $19,101 in 2017, to be exact

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state wedding costs illustration texas
Amanda Mustard

Not everything is bigger in Texas, as evidenced by the state's reasonable wedding cost average: $25,327. With the plethora of incredible cuisine options, it's not surprising that duos spend the most on food ($4,445).

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state wedding costs illustration utah
Amanda Mustard

With a wealth of national parks (the Zion, Bryce Canyon, and Arches National Parks are legendary), Utah is easily one of the most beautiful places in the United States. Planning your celebration here? Average weddings costs in last year totaled in at $27,953, for your reference.

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state wedding costs illustration vermont
Amanda Mustard

It's hard to choose which season portrays Vermont in the best light—something that makes it even more difficult to choose when to get hitched here. Whether you're planning a winter fête at a cozy stone lodge or a fall party with insane foliage views, it's good to note that Vermont weddings total in at just over $31,000 (couples spent an average of $31,250!).

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state wedding costs illustration virginia
Amanda Mustard

If you're planning on celebrating your wedding in Virginia, you'd be in good company. Over 57,000 marriages took place here in 2017! As for total costs? The average Virginia wedding set couples back $30,197; food was the greatest expense ($4,830).

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state wedding costs illustration washington
Amanda Mustard

Seattle isn't this Pacific Northwestern state's only gem. The snow-capped Cascade Mountains and forested islands on Puget Sound also make the $30,629 average price tag worth it.

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West Virginia

state wedding costs illustration west virginia
Amanda Mustard

West Virginia is the site of so much American history, but it's also home to natural wonders, like the Appalachian Mountains. If you're looking to add your wedding to the state's legacy, you'll want to budget at least $18,468, which was the average total last year.

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state wedding costs illustration wisconsin
Amanda Mustard

Two Great Lakes (Michigan and Superior) border this state, which may explain its high wedding volume—Wisconsin over 32,000 ceremonies in 2017. The average cost of those celebrations was $24,681.

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state wedding costs illustration wyoming
Amanda Mustard

Yellowstone National Park, the Old Faithful geyser, and the Rocky Mountains are just three reasons to consider traveling to Wyoming for your big day. It's spiked in popularity as of late, thanks to Jackson Hole, which has quickly become a must-visit destination for adventurous couples. As for the number crunch? Of the average $27,003 spent on weddings laster year, duos spent the most on food ($4,422), venue ($3,421), and planning services ($2,892).

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