We have a few tips for resetting your planning tactics in the new year.
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Every bride has been there. It's the first of the month and every task on the wedding to-do list feels daunting and also somehow feels like a sore reminder of all the things you didn't get done last month. Though it may come as a surprise, this is a pretty normal part of the wedding-planning process. Fortunately, the start of a new year tends to be a good time to reset bad behavior patterns and put an end to your procrastination cycle.

Whether you're struggling with time management or task completion, here are a few New Year's resolutions we've come up with to help you rethink your wedding-planning tactics and hopefully give yourself a little more free time.

Simple Tips for Staying Organized While Wedding Planning

1. Minimize the Pinterest research

We get it, there's a ton of information out there that's inspiring and really fun to scope out. But, Pinterest and other visual platforms can end up creating a big distraction and turn into a total time eater. If you're struggling with time management and find that you're not getting through your to-do list as quickly as you'd like, you might want to set a time limit on your Pinterest research.

2. Stick to the plan

A lot of couples struggle with decision making because there are just so many small and large decisions to be made while planning a wedding. One of the biggest setbacks throughout the planning process is when a couple revisits old decisions and spends too much time undoing what they've already planned. While it may be tempting to change everything in the last couple of months leading up to the wedding, sticking to your gut and your original ideas is usually a huge time saver.

3. Research smartly

Many of us get carried away using blogs for inspiration, but they can also be great tools for finding sources, vendors, and venues you might not otherwise be exposed to. If you're struggling to find vendors you like based on a list your venue has provided you, heading to sites to see weddings in your area can be a helpful way to discover other options.

4. Create a monthly task list

Check out our Ultimate Wedding Planning Timeline as a guide and keep your own version updated regularly. Some brides find it helpful to go through their task list at the end of every week and decide where their priorities lie accordingly, adding status notes as they go. The way you create this list may vary depending on your needs, but the important thing is to hold yourself accountable for being organized and getting tasks done in a timely manner so they don't draw out longer than necessary.

5. Take Breaks

Like all stressful things in life, planning a wedding can be hard work and a huge time and energy consumer. Plan occasional breaks from the planning so you can decompress and unwind. Planning a wedding shouldn't be something that consumes every day of your life, but sometimes it's hard to keep that in mind when you're waiting on information from vendors or friends and family.

6. Ask for help

One of the biggest things couples struggle with when planning a wedding is knowing when they've taken on too much and need to bring in the pros, or ask friends and family for some extra hands on deck. If you're feeling overwhelmed, it's okay to bring in some helpers to get through your to do list. You'd be surprised how many of your friends are just waiting for you to ask.

Whether or not you're struggling through planning your wedding, there are undoubtedly numerous resolutions you can come up with to improve your productivity and organization methods. Take advantage of the reset of the year to shift your thinking toward how you can be more efficient with the planning so you'll feel less daunted and more accomplished. Planning a wedding should be a collaborative process that ultimately ends in a big, wonderful party.

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