These tricks of the trade are total game changers.
wedding reception seating, red and white vintage lounge furniture
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Wedding planners have unlimited tricks up their sleeves, but perhaps the most helpful advice for someone planning their own wedding is to leave no detail untouched. Creating a beautiful setting for a wedding should take all the senses into consideration. It should be beautiful to look at, comfortable to spend time in, great fun to listen to, and always feel warm and welcoming. Here, a few details couples often forget about.

Lounge Furniture Makes Most Spaces More Approachable

You might be surprised at what a difference a couple of couches, loveseats, or upholstered chairs can do to formalize a space. When setting up a lounge area, be sure to take into consideration that guests will likely want to a place to set their drinks down, so coffee tables and end tables are a wonderful addition. Many rental companies offer a variety of lounge furniture and throw rugs, but you may also want to consider buying throw pillows and throw blankets to make the space feel more unique and in-line with your wedding aesthetic.

Background Noise Is Really Important

You know what's a whole lot of not fun? A party with no music. It's no secret that music sets a tone for any event, but a soundtrack can easily get overlooked during certain parts of a wedding. The rule here is simple: never have a quiet room, even if that means you just have an iPod playing. Ideally, there should be music going from the moment your first guest walks in the door until the last guest departs. If you're hoping to save costs on entertainment during pre-ceremony, cocktail hour, or dinner, Spotify and SoundCloud have great options for DJ-approved playlists.

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Have a space to store vendors' supplies

Aesthetics are everything in the event planning world. To avoid issues in advance, most planners will be sure to specify an equipment stash zone for each vendor at the wedding site. Doing so can make a huge difference in the amount of cords, wires, bags, and gear guests see at the wedding. Many planners may even go so far as specifying a uniform for all wedding vendors that'll be seen by guests, whether that means supplying aprons or custom shirts, or requiring all vendors to wear all black or all white attire.

When All Else Fails, Cover It Up

No matter how beautiful a venue may be, it's bound to have an eyesore or two. There's a giant air conditioning unit in the ceremony garden? Look into renting hedging. You're bringing in portable restrooms and can't stand the sight of them? Rent a wood slatted screen and soften the space with olive trees. Need to cover an unsightly wall indoors? Pipe and drape should do the trick, but be sure to talk to your rental sales rep about the best opaque option for the space.

Lighting Is The Key to Ambience

Decent lighting can make all the difference when it comes to ambience. Natural lighting is the best when it's available, but soft lighting at night takes a bit of trickery to get just right. Generally speaking, amber toned lighting is going to provide the most warmth in a room, while blue toned lighting can make a space feel cold. Of course, candles indoors and out make a huge difference in adding warmth. Bistro lights are a wonderful addition outdoors and uplights in trees or on architectural elements indoors can highlight the surroundings. If you're renting lighting, be sure everything is on dimmers and don't be afraid to give direction in advance on the color settings you'd like.

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