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At a loss for bachelor party ideas that don't involve plane tickets? We're sure your group of guys can have plenty of fun without the hassle and expense of traveling, and we're even surer they'll end up thanking you for it. To keep it celebratory, plan to make it a weekend full of festivities. Surprises are great when peppered in, but a well-thought-out agenda is even more likely to keep everyone entertained.

Bachelor Party Ideas to Celebrate the Groom-to-Be

Do Your Research

Dig up some info on outdoor excursions in your own backyard. We'd say anything within a two-hour driving radius is fair game. Whether that's hiking in the mountains, going on a wine tour, kayaking, brewery hopping, snow sports, tubing, or camping, there's sure to be something nearby that everyone in the group hasn't experienced. Be sure to get everyone outdoors at least once during the weekend.

Get Creative

If the groom is the kind of guy who loves food and booze, center the weekend on that. Make reservations at the best restaurants nearby and call ahead to see if there's something special they can do for your crew. An after-dinner bourbon tasting is a fun touch, or depending on the restaurant, they may have some options to interact with the chef. The foodie groom might also appreciate a tasting menu or wine pairings with courses. Not every meal has to be fancy, but it's good to get at least one nice dinner in.

Plan Ahead

Work on nailing down an agenda that covers the whole weekend (including transportation to/from each event, booking reservations if needed, etc.). Don't go crazy overbooking activities-two to three activities per day is plenty. Figure you'll all do breakfast together, go on an excursion, and dinner will be a big event for the evening. If you know you're with a crew that enjoys a late night, maybe have some options pulled up for post-dinner destinations, but let the late-night portion of the evening happen organically.

Make It A Staycation

A weekend full of celebrating is even better if everyone can sleep in one place. Whether your budget allows for a few hotel rooms or a weekend home rental, the key is to make sure you have enough beds for everyone. Having all your buddies stay in one spot is sure to keep the energy up throughout the whole weekend.

Have a Transportation Plan

If you can hire shuttles within your budget, go for it! Those costs can add up quickly over a weekend, and you might find that you're better off with Uber, Lyft, taxis, or tag-teaming designated drivers. If you know you've got a big party crew, you might even consider hiring someone's younger brother to be the driver for the day. Make it fun for him by getting him a driving outfit (hat, gloves, and all), and giving him some epic playlists for each car ride.


Once you've got everything sorted out and planned out, be sure to communicate all the logistical details with your group. Sure, you can leave a thing or two up to surprise, but everyone needs to be able to plan their time and budget according to what you've set up and they'll need a decent head's up to do so. Be sure to inform all of your guests of the schedule, lodging info, meal info, costs, attire needed for all events, and transportation details.

Remember: Details Are Important

A few thoughtful surprises can take your celebration from just a regular old party to something that's really memorable for everyone involved. Consider putting together a welcome box for each of the guys filled with essentials like Gatorade, snacks, sunscreen, and ibuprofen. Sunglasses, a baseball cap, a nice cigar, or a t-shirt with the weekend hashtag could be a festive addition. Have fun with the little things, and keep in mind they can make a big splash!

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