Should you capture the moment you get down on one knee?
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You'll always remember the moment your significant other pops the question, but the exact details-like your expressions or what you were wearing-may fade over time. The solution? Recruiting someone to capture the proposal on film, a trend that's become popular in recent years. Are you thinking about hiring a professional photographer to capture your engagement? Here are pros and cons to help you decide if it's right for you.

Pro: You can look back on the precious memories.

Right after their loved one pops the question, most women experience a mix of emotions and will likely tune out their surroundings. Since she'll be too busy admiring her new ring and kissing her fiancé, the bride-to-be might miss some other details of the moment. Hiring a photographer allows any tiny details, like the weather and backdrop, to become captured forever.

Con: You might take the bride by surprise.

Many women wouldn't dare participate in a photoshoot-especially one as substantial as an engagement shoot-without brushing their hair and applying a swipe of lipstick. Since the proposal is likely a surprise, a bride won't have time to primp beforehand. If you're worried she'll be unhappy with her after-work frizz or chipped manicure, consider scheduling a separate engagement session at a later date. Alternately, you can plan the proposal for a time when you know you'll both will be dressed up.

Pro: You can use the photos on your wedding stationery.

Proposals are full of love and raw emotion, making for extremely touching photographs. Couples can take full advantage of the images by using them on save-the-dates, wedding invitations, or ceremony programs.

Con: You have to stick with your initial plan.

Did you tell your photographer to hide in the bushes at 8 p.m.? Then you better be there right on time. Hiring a professional makes it necessary to stick with a scheduled itinerary-even if the bride-to-be wants a change of plans.

Pro: Loved ones can share in the moment.

After getting engaged, your family and friends will ask about the intimate details of the proposal. Professional photographs will serve as a handy visual aid. Showing pictures of your fiancé's rose petal pathway is much more impactful than trying to describe it.

Con: The scene might not be picture-perfect.

There's a chance that events leading up the proposal will go awry. Maybe your loved one is in a bad mood, the weather turns sour, or you encounter a bad experience at a restaurant. If you hired a photographer, you can't just reschedule the proposal to another night-which is why it's always smart to have a backup plan.

Pro: The photographer will help make your vision a reality.

Photographers have a trained eye, so they'll be able to help make sure the proposal looks great on film. Don't be afraid to ask for advice on location, decorations, and lighting. Since the photographer has likely witnessed countless proposals in the past, they might have some tips about making everything go off without a hitch.

Con: It's an added expense.

Hiring someone to document your proposal will likely set you back hundreds of dollars. If you're worried about finances, get a few different estimates and decide if you can foot the cost. You may feel that capturing your once-in-a-lifetime proposal is worth a little splurge!


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