You don't want to lose it right before you walk down the aisle.

By Aleesha Thomas
September 05, 2019
wedding rings

There's a lot going on in the hours leading up to your wedding: Between sitting for hair styling and makeup application, posing for photos with your bridesmaids and parents, and getting into your beautiful wedding dress, the last thing you'll want to do is add searching for lost items to your to-do list. While it's important to keep track of all of your big-day essentials, one of the things you absolutely do not want to forget or lose is your wedding ring (after all, it is kind of a big deal). That's why it's so important to remember is who has it and where it's supposed to be from the moment you arrive at your wedding venue to the minute you depart for the ceremony. The last thing you need is the best man to be wide-eyed at the altar wondering where the rings went.

Who's tasked with keeping track of the rings?

Traditionally, this job falls to the best man, but the rings might spend a good part of the day in a place where he isn't present: the bridal suite. Assuming your photographer wants to take a few detail shots before the celebration starts, there's a good chance that your ring will be out of his sight for at least part of the wedding morning. If you've hired wedding planner, keeping track of the the rings is a great job for her. Whether the photographer has it for photos or the ring has been taken somewhere to be cleaned, make sure that your planner, maid of honor, or whoever you want in charge is always aware of your jewelry's whereabouts.

When's the right time to hand the ring over?

Some brides give the ring to the best man during the rehearsal dinner, while others will hang on to it until it's needed just before the ceremony. Ultimately, there's no one right time to give the ring up. Instead, consider your personality: Will you be worrying about your ring all morning if it's not nearby? Keep it in your bridal suite and ask the maid of honor to deliver it to the best man just before the processional starts. Are you more relaxed? Then knowing that worrying about the ring is someone else's job might give you peace of mind.


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