The man behind Ryan Seacrest and Neil Patrick Harris' red carpet looks tell all.

well dressed groom
Credit: Elisabeth Cawthron

What guy doesn't want to look like a leading man on his wedding day? To help, celebrity stylist Sam Spector-who preps Ryan Seacrest and Neil Patrick Harris for the red carpet-shares his best tips. From going all-out on tailoring, to choosing a tie-width that suits your frame, here's everything a guy needs to know about looking fresh and fashion-forward on the big day.

Tailoring is essential.

"Even an inexpensive suit can look high-end if it fits correctly," Spector says. The shirtsleeve should sit at the base of your wrist, the coat sleeves half an inch above that, and your pants should have one small break.

Style matters.

Jackets are not one-cut-fits-all. Tall, slim men look best in a thin lapel, while broader men can pull off a wider one. Both widths are in fashion right now, so pick whichever looks best.

It's okay to break the rules.

Traditionally, you wouldn't wear a straight tie with formalwear-but if you like the look, go for it. "The lines have become blurred, and it can be stylish now," Spector says.

Step it up.

You'll want to opt for tuxedo shoes, which are usually made of patent leather but can also feature velvet or satin. Not sure you can pull them off? The shiniest black shoes you can find are an acceptable substitute.

Coordination is key.

Consider colors or textures in the wedding, and work them subtly into your attire. At his own nuptials, Spector's husband, Glenn Greilsamer (above), donned a tuxedo by Ermenegildo Zegna, and they both wore vintage black-and-gold studs to match their table settings. "It creates a cohesion that helps photos look flawless," Spector says.


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