Meals that leave you feeling full, energized, and glowing are important when you're busy planning a wedding.
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We all get stuck in ruts sometimes, especially when it comes to breakfast. While there's nothing wrong with the basics-like eggs, fruit, yogurt, and toast-a filling and satiating breakfast that will keep you full and energized until lunch is important, especially when you're planning a wedding and need all of the energy you can get. And if you're embarking on a pre-nuptial wellness regimen, what you're eating can make a big difference as you try to reach your goals. "Fiber, protein, and healthy fat will keep you full," says nutritionist Jessica Katz. "Fiber slows down the absorption of sugar into the blood stream, so it gives you even-keeled energy and keeps you balanced throughout the day. Protein keeps you feeling fuller for longer, and healthy fat keeps you satiated."

Here, Katz and Lee Tilghman, the pro behind the popular healthy living website Lee From America, share five easy and delicious breakfast options for brides-to-be. Fair warning: These ideas as so delicious that they may even turn you into a morning person.

Sweet Potato Toast

Instead of using traditional bread, sub in a sweet potato. It's easier than you think: Cut a cooked sweet potato into two quarter-inch thick slices and put each in the toaster or oven until crispy. Then, top it with whatever you prefer, whether mashed avocado, lemon, sea salt, and a poached egg, or almond butter and chia seeds with raspberries on top. "Raspberries have one of the highest fiber contents per cup, and sweet potato is a complex carbohydrate, so it has more fiber than white bread," Katz says. "It's also a great source of vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin A."

Oatmeal Pancake Scramble

"When you eat hot foods in the morning, it's much more satiating," Katz says. "This is one of the most filling combinations, it's sweet, and very, very filling." Dice an apple and slice a banana, then spray a skillet with nonstick oil spray and sauté the fruit with a little cinnamon. While the fruit is cooking, fill a measuring cup with a half cup of liquid egg whites, a half cup of unsweetened vanilla almond milk, one tablespoon of vanilla extract, one tablespoon of almond extract, one tablespoon of coconut oil, and a half cup of oats, then mix. When the fruit begins to soften and caramelize, pour the liquid contents of the measuring cup over the fruit and scramble together.

Breakfast Salad

"Yes, you can eat salad for breakfast, and no, you won't be starving before lunch," Tilghman says. "Swiss chard is full of fiber, avocado and olive oil give you your healthy fats, sauerkraut is good for your gut, and a fried egg is a great protein source." Put three handfuls of swiss chard in a pan with one teaspoon avocado oil and sauté lightly for two to three minutes. Then, transfer greens to a bowl, and crack one egg in your already heated skillet. (You may need to add more oil so that it gets crispy.) While your egg is frying-it takes about three minutes-add half an avocado, one sliced radish, and a spoonful of sauerkraut to your bowl. In a separate bowl, mix two tablespoons of olive oil, lemon juice from half of a lemon, and one tablespoon of tahini. Remove the egg from heat and add it to the top of your bowl. Drizzle with your homemade dressing and eat!

Cookie Dough Greek Yogurt

By the name of this one, you know it's going to be good-it's a healthy way to satisfy a sweet tooth in the morning. Use an individual container of plain, no sugar added yogurt, and add one heaping tablespoon of raw almond butter or natural peanut butter (or any other nut butter of your choice). Then add one teaspoon of vanilla extract and a sprinkle of dark chocolate morsels or a teaspoon of raw cacao powder. If you want it sweeter, you can add a few banana slices. Then stir together all ingredients and dig in. "This is something you can also easily buy at a deli on your way to work if you don't have time to make at home," Katz says. "Just grab all of those ingredients at a corner store and make it at your desk."


The main ingredients of this Israeli dish are poached eggs and tomato sauce, and there's nothing wrong with making it homemade or using your favorite store-bought brand. "You'll get tons of vitamins and minerals from the tomatoes and it will be savory and spicy and hot, which will add to the satiety factor," Katz says. Simply heat up the tomato sauce and poach the eggs in it. Then, when you're eating, dip a piece of sprouted grain bread into the pot. "This type of bread is more filling and has more protein than regular bread," Katz says, who recommends adding sliced avocado on top, too.


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