Yes, you can wear it—but there are some rules.
Credit: Greg Finck

Women read one article warning against wearing glitter after a certain age and they immediately vow to choose matte everything for the rest of their life. The rules of makeup (like most everything in life) are not that cut-and-dry-and this is especially true when it comes to bridal beauty. While there are no strict guidelines when it comes to makeup color or finish, one does have to be careful with the amount of glitter that they apply on their wedding day. Here are some guidelines to follow for a flawless, tasteful bridal beauty look with just the right amount of shimmer.

Stay away from chunky glitter.

If it looks like something that could double as an arts and crafts supply, skip it. Loose glitters, shadows, blushes with visible pieces of glitter are best utilized when going out for a night on the town during your bachelorette weekend, not on your wedding day.

Learn the difference between glow and glitter.

Shadows often have a sheen or luster thanks to glittery pigments infused into the product. These colors aren't matte, but they're not considered "glitter" either. These "in-between" options will look beautiful on pretty much everyone, giving the wearer shine and glow while reflecting the light and diffusing imperfections. This is also a useful tip when choosing highlighters and cheek colors. Choose products that will create a gorgeous glow and avoid visible glitter on the cheeks.

Look for microfine sparkle in eye shadow.

One of the best looks for a bride is classic eye makeup with just a touch of sparkle or glitter. Shadows with too much glitter can look tacky and overdone, and they also have a tendancy to be messy and leave a dusting of glitter all over your cheeks. Choose a shadow that has a subtle, microfine glitter in it-one that can be swept across a matte shade to add just a little something special. A cult favorite is Bobbi Brown's Sparkle Eye Shadow.

Add glitter to unexpected places.

Three great places to add a little sparkle and still remain tasteful is in eyeliner, lip gloss, and on the décolletage. There are a bunch of companies, including NARS, MAC, and Urban Decay, that are known for adding just a touch of sparkle to their eyeliners. This is a great way to add a special pop to a subtler eye look. Lip gloss with sparkle is another way to create a look that isn't like your everyday look. Finally, many body creams and sprays have a touch of sparkle in them so that when applied to the skin, and light will reflect off of that gorgeous sheen.


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