22 Petite Wedding Bouquets That Make a Big Statement

small bouquet with protea
Photo: John Shim Photography

While we'll always be big fans of wild, cascading bouquets, we've noticed that more and more brides are opting for smaller-scale arrangements. This is particularly true for weddings with smaller guest lists and budgets. But don't be fooled by their smaller stature—although minute, these posies still make a big impact down the aisle. In fact, we think their small size is what makes them so eye-catching.

Ahead, you'll find a whole bunch of petite bouquets that brides carried down the aisle. From a posy made entirely of lily of the valley that even Kate Middleton would envy to a modern bundle of the smallest buds, there's something here for every bride. Even better? These mini bouquets look stunning, but won't overwhelm your bridal look. Click through to discover all of the creative options these posies pose for your celebration.

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megan parking wedding bride in white dress with vining floral pattern
Rachel Red Photography

Vero Designs made lilac the center of attention in this bouquet. Hellebore, lily of the valley, and paper whites topped off the floral details.

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Floral Hoop

cara chamique wedding floral hoop
Mecca Gamble

Step away from tradition with a floral hoop instead of a bouquet. Cue the Champagne created this one-of-a-kind ceremony essential with white roses and greenery.

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wedding couple posing in between hedges at parent's house
Twah Dougherty

A classic, greenery-filled bouquet by Lark Farnum Design completed this bride's big-day arrangement.

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bouquet with two king protea
Steve Steinhardt

Although these king proteas made this The Open Blossom bouquet seem large, the arrangement still felt simple and downplayed.

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Burgundy and Blush

bride in white holding pastel bouquet with orange flower
Redfield Photography

Burgundy and blush blooms—including cafe au lait and Sweet Natalie dahlias, lisianthus, scabiosa, geranium, asparagus foliage, daisies, strawflower, and eucalyptus—by Shoving Leopard Farm brought this petite bouquet together.

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jamie jon wedding bridal bouquet
Rachel Havel Photography

A simple and clean small arrangement by Fiori Flowers came to life with white peonies.

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veronica mickias wedding groom and father embrace
Lisa Poggi Photography

Frey Dagnew made this little bouquet a classic with its all-white florals.

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small bouquet with astible
Jess Petrie

You can still achieve texture even with the tiniest of posies. Just look to this Emma the Florist design for proof: It contained just pink astilbe.

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single stem hydrangea bouquet
Jordan Brittley

This bride carried a single hydrangea—curated by Linda's Flowers—down the aisle for a simple yet eye-catching look.

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Tall Spray

small bouquet with garden roses and seeded eucalyptus
Caroline Lima Photography

Sprigs of seeded eucalyptus and stock surrounded two magenta garden roses in this Sweet Sarabelle arrangement.

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small bouquet with greenery
Caroline Tran Photography

Everything about this Coco Rose design felt delicate—from its leafy greenery to its tiny white buds.

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bouquet with peach garden roses
Amy Arrington Photography

Peach garden roses of varying sizes were combined with soft lamb's ear in this petite posy by Conyers Flower Shop.

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small bouquet with a single succulent
Jessica Simons Photography

For the minimal bride, it doesn't get any better than this Bloomers Flowers & Gifts arrangement. The professionals chose a single green succulent, two thistles, and strands of wheat to create this modern posy.

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small bouquet with protea
Brown Paper Parcel

This clutch was anything but traditional. Not only did its small size make it feel modern—A & D Doeven Farm Fresh Native Flowers' choice of protea did, too.

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small bouquet with protea
Nine Photography

Tall greenery and a large protea gave an element of verticality to this bride's petite clutch (she made it herself!).

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Small and Personal

small bouquet with white garden roses
Cassidy Brooke

This bride's mother arranged all of the florals for her wedding, which made the small bouquet of white garden roses and greenery even more special.

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Three Roses

small bouquet with garden roses
Julie Cate

While three white roses made this The Ocean View Club arrangement feel classic and understated, verdant greenery meant that it still stood out against the bride's white dress.

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small bouquet with dried elements and protea
Mikkel Paige Photography

Viva L'Event reached for dried elements when creating this small but wild posy. To add a fresh factor, two king proteas were included in the bunch.

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Pink and White

small bouquet with greenery
Mireia Cordomí

The smallest pink and white blooms and berries made this Magnolia & Co. creation feel even more delicate.

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small bouquet with three peonies
Peaches & Mint

How ethereal is this three-stem arrangement from Rock Paper Scissors Events? A matching ribbon helped tie the mini bunch together.

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White and Blush

small bouquet with garden roses
Blaine Siesser

Four blush garden roses and three smaller buds were all that made up this Field of Flowers North bouquet.

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