Sure, it may be "your day," but that doesn't mean you shouldn't make your friends and family feel special! Whether you want to gift your groomsmen something personal or you're looking for a way to dress up your flower girls, a DIY boutonniere is a simple and easy way to gussy up your guests. Guys can wear them on their lapels, while ladies can attach them to their purse or hair. Best of all, they take seconds to assemble, saving you precious moments in preparation of the big day. Here, learn how to DIY a bout with these quick tips.
Credit: Addie Juell

Simply secure the studs and leave the rest to your guests! Each rosette has a wire stem that's easy to work into a buttonhole or twist into an updo, along with a knotted ribbon for a fresh finishing touch. We used vintage-inspired velvet for an ultra-luxe look, but feel free to search for something that suits the style of your own celebration.


  • Rosettes with wire stems
  • Ribbon
  • Foam board
  • Ball-head pins


  1. Tightly knot a short length of ribbon around the wire stem of each rosette.
  2. Arrange the ribbon-wrapped blooms onto a foam board and secure them by sticking a ball-head pin through the knot.

Tip: Make the buds do double-duty when you display them as escort cards, too. Simply print names and table numbers onto paper slips and tack them to the foam board during step two. The stems will point guests to their seats, and the florals will find their way home as favors.

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"Vintage Flocked" velvet flowers, $10 for 6, Grosgrain and velvet ribbons, from $3/yd,

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